Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 28th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 28th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Yug still asking the Inspector to tell about the witness to the Peter murder case. Inspector refuses to tell him anything and asks him to leave. Jaggu Dada comes and asks him to go. Yug says he wants to know about the witness. Jaggu Dada says he has died last night, he was a drunkard and died because of over drinking of wine. Yug is shocked and says what will happen to the case. Jaggu Dada says Veronica said that it was accident and now the case will be closed. Everyone loves Peter. Yug thinks to find out about his accident and thinks the only witness couldn’t be survived. Dadi tells Suraj that Ishaan’s soul is with the book and asks if he thought anything to free his soul. She says the place is dangerous where we could find the leaves, how we will

do this. Radha says Yug can help us, but he is worried because of Peter’s death. She says we shouldn’t do before Poornima’s day. Yug says I heard everything and says I will help Ishaan. Ishaan says no….I couldn’t understand, why you will help me. I have done bad with you. Why you want to help me? Yug says you are my family. Ria says….in a family….Yug says no sorry and no thank you. We are together in a family, smiles.

Keith enters Peter’s house and kisses Veronica. She says not here. Keith says you are behaving as if…we are doing it as first time. Veronica says girls are in the house. They hear Sophia and Amy shouting. They are making coffee in the coffee maker ad shout as the coffee splashes all over the place. Veronica comes and says oh my god….She says guests have come in our house, and asks them to behave good. Sophia asks who have come? Veronica says my friend. Sophia says he said that he is Papa’s friend. Veronica says he was my friend from USA. She asks her to bring water with four ice cubes. Amy says she will take water. Sophia says she will take.

Suraj says Ishaan that he is proud of him as he has realized his mistake. Yug says what you have said Sir….Suraj says you have become our family and calls me Sir….Yug says can I call you Papa sir…..Suraj says I will beat you. Yug says beat me papa. Suraj says we shall drink happily. Yug says Aaji and Maa is here. Radha says you can’t drink. Suraj says we can’t drink, but Yug can drink. He brings wine, glasses with magic. He tells that he made Ishaan drink first bear when he turned 18. Yug says he didn’t drink till now. Suraj says you have to follow our family’s rituals. Yug says okay, and agrees. Suraj tells him about the fish contract and says you have to go.

Keith tells Veronica that he is jealous of her, as she is having kids. Veronica says she has only a daughter, and tells that she wanted to have a baby with him. Keith says I know. Sophia comes and mistakenly pours water on Keith. Veronica scolds her and says sorry. Keith asks about the washroom. Veronica gives him directions. She gets angry at Sophia and locks her inside the room.

Suraj tells Yug to meet his friend and get an order. He says you will go Goa then. Yug thanks them. Suraj says we shall thank you as your soul is good. They cheer the drink. Yug feels the bear bitter, but says it is good. Ria asks him to try wine, and says it is yummy. Ishaan says she used to drink wine and then used to add water. Dadi says that’s what I was thinking. Radha says now I know why you used to shout at me. Yug says they are my family.

Sophia comes to iron Veronica’s clothes and burn her dresses angrily. Veronica comes and sees her burnt dress. Sophia smiles and looks through the hole. Yug comes to the accident spot and thinks the road is broad and two vehicles can easily pass. He thinks about witness statement. Just then his phone falls in the bushes. He picks his phone and finds Peter’s phone. He looks for its battery and says it is Peter sir’s phone.

Yug comes to Peter’s house and sees Sophia cleaning the floor and Veronica hurting her. Keith enjoys the torture. Suraj writes three names and tells that he will give it to Yug so that he can enquire.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

    feeling so bad for Sophia, I m sure the veronica lost son mystery has got something to do did Keith and Palekars, or did they forget to show about it? Hope yug can help Sophia n palekar family now

  2. This is nice H Hasan and I agree with you I hate Veronica

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