Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 27th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 27th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Yadav wondering about the book and thinks how can it help us. Suraj says it might help us as that tantrik have kept it for some use. The book starts running after them and then run. Suraj throws water and says says it will be calm for 3 mins more. Yadav asks when we will get mukti? Suraj asks the book to reply. Yug comes and asks if they come to know anything. Yadav tells that the book ran after them to bite them and calm down after he throws water. Yug says so you can ask anything in this three mins, and can touch it too. He opens the book and finds the pages blank. He says may be question should be written on it to get answers. Yadav asks him to write. Yug says he is getting late as he needs to go and break Sophia’s marriage.

Sophia wears

modern outfit and thinks Hasmukh’s mum will break the alliance seeing her in this outfit, but his mum comes in a similar outfit and says they will stay as friends after marriage. Yug meets Jaggu Dada and tells him that Hasmukh is already married, and asks him to get info about him. Jaggu says he will get info within 2 hours and expose them. Amy hears Hasmukh’s mum talking to Sophia and asking about the jewellery order. She says she will meet Veronica and asks about jewellery. Amy thinks about Veronica’s threat and tells Sophia to run away from home. She hugs her and says nobody loves you. Sophia asks did anything happen and asks her to relax. Amy cries and runs.

Suraj writes can we touch each other……Answer appears no…….Yadav asks him to write again. Suraj asks do we get mukti. Answer appears yes………Yadav asks him to keep writing. Suraj asks him to call all the family members and says Yug couldn’t bring better gift for us than this. Yadav says it is superb book.

Yug comes to Peter’s house. Peter says Sophia’s marriage is fixed and she might have told you. Yug says I don’t think this marriage should happen and says Hasmukh is already married. Peter turns to Sophia and thinks she is acting with Yug. He asks her not to play games. Yug tells Peter that he has proof against Patel family and shows the proofs. Peter says I shall not trust him, but you. He says Jignesh is his childhood friend and will never betray him. He tears the proof/printout which he brought. Sophia says Dad. Peter asks her to go to her room. He tells Yug that he don’t hope this from him. Yug says you have done many favors on me and I want your betterment. Peter says I am doing Sophia’s marriage in a hurry because of you and Palekar Mansion. He asks him to get out. Jaggu Dada asks Yug to come.

Yug apologizes and says today I will say and you have to listen. He says I know one thing that you are doing wrong and says if she gets married to Hasmukh then she will cry all her life and you will repent all your life. He leaves.

Sophia cries in her room. Yug gets message from her and says you can’t marry that Hasmukh. If need be, then I will help you elope with me. Veronica tells Peter that Servant Yug had misbehaved with him and tells how dare he? Peter is lost in thinking. Veronica says I don’t know what is bothering you, but I know that Hasmukh is perfect for Sophia. Peter is relaxed and says I have torn all the printouts. He says if Yug is right then? Veronica says Sophia is playing game with you and that’s why you are doubting on your decision. She says that’s why I told you not to give enough liberty to Sophia. Peter says I have to enquire about Hasmukh. Veronica manipulates him and says Sophia’s plan is successful. She says I have full faith that your decision will be right, and says if you enquire about your friend then they will feel bad if they come to know about it. Peter sits down tensedly. He says I am afraid thinking if I am giving punishment to my daughter for my sins. He thinks he has to tell his family about the happening in Palekar Mansion. Veronica hears him and is shocked. She calls someone secretly and says Peter is totally lost it. I heard him talking to himself and says he wants to tell the truth about Palekar Mansion.

Dadi reads the answer in the book. Radha says it means we have to enter someone’s body. She enters in Yug’s body. Yug moves his body strangely.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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