Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 27th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 27th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Veronica entering the locker room. Sophia is shocked seeing her there. Veronica asks her to open the locker. Sophia opens it slowly and is tensed. Veronica says lets see what is inside the box. She asks her to open the box. She opens the box and finds the bangles inside. Veronica is relieved and says it is your mum’s bangles. Peter had saved this for you. She holds the bangles and says so sweet. Veronica says we shall go for lunch now. Sophia says I have to meet Avni today. Veronica asks her to come home early and says she wants to donate Peter’s stuff in old age home. She asks her to be with her. After Sophia leaves, Veronica laughs and says I have to give this good news to Keith. She says good Peter. Radha makes Yug have aloo puris. Yug looks on.

Dadi signs him to say that it is not tasty. Radha asks what happened? Yug says it is tasty. He says I was thinking that I used to eat alone, and hopes they eat with him. Dadi says we are happy seeing him eating and says Radha can make only puri well, but not like me. Radha asks her to make Puri again. Dadi taunts Radha.

Radha asks Yug not to eat food, and asks Dadi to make food. Dadi says I will cook. Yug asks them not to fight. Ria tells ishaan that Yug doesn’t know about the family fight. Ishaan laughs and says Yug is trapped between Dadi and Maa. Yug asks them not to fight and says he got tired. He tells Ishaan about Dadi and Radha’s competition. Ishaan says I asked you to go out and enjoy your birthday. Yug says he has celebrated his birthday alone all his life, but now have celebrated with family. Ishaan asks are you joking? Yug says I felt alone when I was alone. Ishaan asks what about Sophia? Ria comes and asks Ishaan to bring blue tshirt. She sends him inside. Ishaan asks what is going on? Ria says there is a surprise for him in his room. Ishaan asks what? Ria smiles.

Yug sees the electricity off in his room and switches on the light. He sees decorated lighting and a big box.. Yug is happy and opens the box. Sophia comes out holding the heart pillow, hugs him and wishes happy birthday. Yug asks who told you about my birthday? Sophia says I have my spy here. She says Ria told her about his birthday and asks why you haven’t told me anything. Yug says I thought…..Sophia says your happiness and sorrows are mine now. They hug each other again.

Dadi looks for Yug and says she will gift Azooba’s jacket to Yug. Ishaan and Ria stop her and says it is old jacket. Dadi says it is antique jacket. Ria says I will iron it. Dadi asks what do you want to do? Dadi comes to his room and sees them hugging. She comes out and tells Ria that they should have informed her. Yug tells Sophia that she gave him immense happiness. Sophia says we will celebrate all the birthdays together now. Dadi says nobody cares for elders now. They hear Dadi’s voice and come outside. Dadi says I know that today’s kids do everything before marriage, and says you both were hugging in the room. She asks them to marry first. Yug says I will marry her. He says he will propose her wearing suit with band and baaja. Dadi hugs Azooba’s jacket and says he was wearing this when came to propose me. Ishaan and Ria ask her to think something innovative. Yug and Sophia smiles.

An old man at the NGO identifies Keith as Kishore and calls his name. Sophia, Veronica and Keith are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Yugphia scenes were sooooooo cute n adorable I enjoyed it a lot, they looked so goooood, I loved it and aji is so funny and cute I love her character a lot, precap is interesting, Ab toh Keith/Kishore Gaya kam se

  2. wow … yug got such amazing family who loves him so much..

  3. Shraddha Sharma

    I hope show ke end me kuch miracle ho and ghost family real family ban jaye…..
    Yug and Sophia were looking so sweet….

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