Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 26th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 26th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Yadav saying that a big thunderstorm is going to come and the ghost family isn’t aware of it. Tantrik comes to the Palekar Mansion with lady tantrik. She thinks to teach them a lesson. All the ghost family are happy after dancing behind Yug. Radha praises her dancing skills. Yadav comes. Dadi says he is getting jealous. Yadav says you all have danced without ghungroos. He tells Yug came to stay here, but now this girl also come. He says if this news is known to people then this house will be snatched. Radha tells Yug requested the girl not to tell anyone about his stay in Palekar Mansion. Yadav says Yug is a man, but that girl being a girl can tell others. Dadi gets angry and makes him tiny. She then takes him in her hand. Everyone plays with him.

Yadav requests Dadi and says you didn’t give me 445 Rs. Tantrik lady opens the gate of Palekar Mansion with her powers. She sends inside a red balloon inside. Tantrik asks what is your plan? Lady tantrik says that powerful souls are staying here, but their kaal have come. She says this Gurumaa will make them my servants. She then closes the gate and laughs loudly.

Amy tells Sophia that Veronica is liking his business partner. Sophia says this is happening because of him. Amy says yes. Veronica’s business partner comes. Amy says he came for second time in a day. Sophia thinks to teach him a lesson. Ria is happy. Dadi asks what she is thinking? Ria says romance. She gets sad and says our dreams will never be fulfilled. She says they have to be happy seeing others romancing. She asks why we got killed? Dadi asks her not to look back. Ria says we were murdered ruthlessly and says I hate them. Dadi says they will get burnt in hell.

Sophia gets angry at the designer. Amy says we are understanding much. Designer says you are thinking me wrong. They break his phone intentionally. Peter and Veronica comes. Veronica asks what is happening? Amy asks what is happening? Peter says you have echoed. Amy says I can see everything clearly. Veronica asks what you are seeing? Amy says he………Peter says there are two man in this house now. Amy says he is the second man which is liked my mum. Veronica shouts. Peter keeps hand on his chest. Amy says you don’t love my Papa. Sophia says you both fight daily and talk about divorce. Peter asks who told that we are divorcing. Sophia and Amy says you both. Veronica says when did I say that I am divorcing your dad. She says my friend and her husband are divorcing each other. Peter says he is my friend Mathew and he is divorcing his wife Sheila. They argue taking side of their respective friends. Sophia says fighting again.

The balloon comes inside the Palekar mansion. Dadi says it might be brought by Yug. Ria says Yug haven’t step out of house as he is unwell. Ria thinks to touch the balloon. She touches it and a rays comes out of it. Ria and Dadi start feeling some powder. Their faces are shown in Tantrik’s ball. Tantrik says you are maha shakti shaali. Dadi tries to speak, but she couldn’t speak because of the powder influence. They see Yug bringing chair outside and vanishes. Ria sees herself and thinks she couldn’t vanish. Tantrik laughs. Lady tantrik says we have to enquire about their strong points. Ria hides behind the chair.

Ria hides from Yug’s sight. Radha tells Suraj that Ria is not been able to vanish. Yug wears Suraj’s watch. Suraj says it is not suiting you. Yug hears him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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