Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 26th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 26th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Veronica asking Sophia to get ready. She thinks to see the locker. Yug gets a dream and imagines celebrating his birthday with his parents. He gets up sadly and thinks if he had family then they would have celebrate his birthday. He sees balloons in his room and goes out to see decorations. All the ghost family wish him happy birthday. He thinks he has an unique family. Sophia comes to Veronica’s room and tries to open her purse to get the keys. Just then Veronica comes and asks what she is doing there. Yug takes his family’s blessings. Everyone bless them. Radha says I have made your favorite gajar ka halwa. Yug gets emotional and touched. He thanks them and says you made my day special. He says this is most special than my dream. He shares his

dream with them. He says my mum used to make gajar ka halwa in my dreams. I have a loving family, who is my own….Dadi says we are your family. Yug says how did you know about my birthday date. He says Johny and Jaggu know about my birthday date and no one else. Ria says you will celebrate your birthday with your family. Radha makes him eat sweets. Yug cuts the cake. They make him take a cake bite.

Sophia says I am waiting for you. Veronica says Peter’s memories are important for me. She says I want to see what he had kept for you. First we will do lunch and then go to bank. Ria and Ishaan say that Yug is their dear one. Yug says he wants to shout and tell Bustura people that he is prince of Bustura…Yug Palekar. Ria says I wish we should not know about our killer and shouldn’t get mukti. If we get mukti then we will leave you. She gets sad. Ishaan cheers her and asks Yug about Sophia. Yug says Sophia doesn’t know about his birthday.

Veronica and Sophia come to the bank. Bank Official says you can go. Veronica says lovely and is about to go to locker room. Baank official stops her and declines to let her go inside with Sophia. Veronica says I was Peter’s wife and Sophia’s mum, and says she is not having any objection. Bank Official declines to permit her inside and says it is against bank rules. Sophia says I will show you what is in the locker and goes inside. Veronica is tensed and shocked.

Ishaan asks him to think that it is his birthday today. Ria says you should spend this day with you as she is your life. Yug says I don’t want to trouble her, as her father died and her step mum is troubling her. Ria says I am a girl and would get happy knowing about my boyfriend’s birthday. Veronica argues with the official and says she is Peter’s wife. Someone comes and identifies Veronica. She asks who is the manager? The man says I am the manager and says I can do anything for Peter. I got this job because of him. Veronica thanks him. She acts to get emotional and says I miss my husband a lot. I keep all his stuff very safely and want to see what he has kept it. Official says we can’t let her go as it is against bank rules. Veronica takes him in her words. Manager lets her inside.

An old man identifies Keith and calls him Kishore. Sophia hears him. Veronica and Keith are shocked too.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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