Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 25th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 25th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sophia hugging Veronica and cries. She says she want to file case against Yug. Veronica says he can get out of jail and asks if has concrete proofs against him. She asks Amy to bring water for her. Sophia thanks Veronica. Veronica says I am your mum and asks her to rest. Sophia says I want to talk to you today, and says I have never accepted you as my mum. She asks do you trust me? Veronica says yes, I trust you. Sophia says I want to ask you something. Veronica asks what? Sophia says locker keys which Papa left for me. Veronica is shocked and says I will give keys tomorrow as I don’t know where did I kept it. Sophia says okay.

Ria tells Yug that they are happy that he got his Sophia. Yadav says it is all God’s will. Yug says you all have helped

me a lot, else I would not have got her. Dadi says I am happy that Sophia knows the truth now, now you both can expose Keith. Suraj says Sophia have surprised us. Radha says she was jumping happily. Ria says she hug me also. Dadi says even me. Ishaan tells Yug that he is lucky to have Sophia. Yug asks if everyone liked her. Ria says yes. Yug says I shall know that my choice is liked by you or not. Ria says you are blushing and teases him. Radha tells Dadi that she is happy that Yug came in their life after death, and she is very happy. Dadi says we can’t live without him now.

Veronica thinks to hide the locker keys before Sophia asks for it. She then Sophia comes and says her hi. Veronica gets shocked and tensed. Sophia says I am sorry, I should have informed you before coming here. She says did you see your face? It is appearing as if I have caught your lie. Veronica is shocked. Sophia says just joking? Veronica says I have kept keys somewhere in anger. She asks her to give time, and says she has to go somewhere now. She leaves. Sophia searches in her room.

Yug tells Johny that he came to know that Peter was killed and asks for his help. Johny says he will help him. Sophia finds love letters in Veronica’s room and says there is no name written on it. She sees Veronica and Kishore’s pic, and thinks she is having affair with someone else also. She hears a noise and goes out. Veronica tells Keith that she has to give keys to Sophia. Keith says you will get us caught. Veronica says I have to control my emotions all the time and asks him to give time. Keith says let me think. He asks if Yug and Sophia are meeting each other. Veronica says no, and says Sophia hates him and doesn’t want to see his face. Sophia comes to meet Yug and tells that she has convinced Veronica that she hates him. She says I know that Veronica is acting with me and if she wants to prove it right then she has to give me keys.

Yug says if we get the keys then it will help us. Sophia says ofcourse, and says Peter has left something for me and says it might have proofs. She recalls something and tells that Peter told her about Kishore K before his death. Yug looks on shocked. Sophia says why he would took someone else name while being on death bed. Yug asks if she likes his family. Sophia says yes. Yug says I came to know about family’s importance after getting them, and says he will find her father’s killer. Sophia comes home and asks Veronica, if she got the keys. Veronica says yes, and says she will also come with her. Sophia is tensed. Veronica says we will have lunch and then go to bank. Sophia looks on.

Precap:Bank official declines to let Veronica enter the locker room. Veronica is shocked. She asks what problem she has when her daughter has no objection with her. The bank official refuses to let her go inside and says it is bank rule. Veronica is shocked and tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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