Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 25th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 25th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sophia calling Amy. She sees some women thanking Veronica for donating new clothes. Veronica says it is useless for me. Sophia asks Veronica, why she has donated her clothes, shoes, hats etc. Veronica says you likes to do charity and I am doing that. She says that lady has rejected that scarf and says it is your mum’s scarf. Sophia takes the scarf from her hand. Veronica says I got few clothes stitched for you as you will do all the house work from now. Sophia asks why do you think that I will work? Veronica says she has fired Nancy and Meena from the job and asks her to give her food, juice etc on time. Sophia looks on.

Yadav asks who is our killer if not Peter. He says we will take revenge from whom? Dadi asks him not to ask any question from

her and says everything has ended for us. We will remain here till Anant kaal. Yug tries to cheer them up and says till there is a life, there is a hope. Ishaan says we were dead 25 years back. Yug says you should not lose hope, be happy, sing and accept whatever is coming. He says life is small. Ria says our life will not end. Yug asks her to thank God as they are together atleast. He says he can’t let his family sad. He sings Chak De Chak De song to cheer them up. Ria dances with him. Even all the ghost family dance with him happily.

Veronica tells her to do all work which servants was doing till now. She asks her to learn cooking and to take care of home, as it is needed to survive in the house. Sophia says I shall learn to survive in my house. Veronica says my house. Sophia says do you think I will agree? She refuses to stay in the house. Veronica says if you leaves the house once, then don’t come back again as the doors will be closed for you. She says she has waited for this day, and calls her spoilt brat. She hears her dad’s voice, calling her princess, his life….etc. She comes back and sits on stairs reminiscing the time spent with her dad. A fb is shown, Peter tells that he has built the house for her mum, but when she died then he left from Bustura. He says he returned here after 3 years and tells about the childhood incident. He says when I couldn’t sleep in night, I would hear your laugh and sleep properly. He asks her not to leave house, but then you have to leave after marriage. Sophia says I have a good idea and asks him to get a ghar jamai. Peter likes the idea. Fb ends. Sophia decides not to leave the house and thinks her papa’s memory is there in the house.

Yug comes to the Police station and asks about the witness in Peter’s murder case. Inspector refuses to give any details. Yug says it was not an accident and asks him to tell if he enquired anything. Inspector asks him to leave and refuses to tell anything. Amy wakes up and asks meena to give coffee. Veronica comes and says she has fired meena. She says Sophia will do all the house work. Amy asks are you joking and says why will she work? Veronica says time has come for her to learn. She calls Sophia. Sophia comes in servant’s dress. Amy is shocked. Veronica says so you are still here, and says you couldn’t leave my house. Sophia says it is my house. Veronica asks really and says that is not written in the will of Peter. She says Peter named the house on her name and asks her to do as she says if she wants to stay in her house. She asks her to bring coffee for Amy. Amy says no and says she will not go to make coffee for me. Veronica says I will decide what she will do and asks her to go. Sophia looks on.

Sophia and Amy try to make cold coffee. Sophia burns Veronica’s dress. Veronica puts hot iron on her hand. Sophia shouts. Keith enters their home.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. shruti rohida

    waiting for nxt episode

  2. Hate you Veronica

  3. I really wanna see how Sophia reacts when she sees Keith. Feel so bad for Sophia now this Veronica will torture her and Yug is her only hope now.
    I wonder what happened about Veronica’s son/Sophia’s stepbrother mystery?

  4. Shraddha Sharma

    Sooo sad for Sophia…
    I think sophia ko ghr chod dena chiye tha and yug k sath rehne chale jaana chiye …
    Or may be ab yug help krega sophia ki…

  5. Sofia ko vi ab yug pasand hai mujhe donoko kiss karte hua or sleep karte hua dekhna hai full in details

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