Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 24th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 24th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Keith coming to Peter’s funeral. He tells Sophia that he is Peter’s dear friend and consoles her. Inspector comes and asks Veronica to answer to his few questions. Veronica says she is busy in her husband’s funeral. Inspector insists. He tells Veronica that they want to cross check the witness and asks if anyone want to harm Peter. Veronica says everyone loved Peter. He asks where was you at the time of accident? Veronica says you are asking his wife and his children’s mum. She says she was in the SPA. Inspector asks not to feel bad and says the guilty will be punished. Veronica comes back and stands beside Keith. She drops her scarf and silently tells him to do something to that witness. Sophia is sad and still in shock. She says I don’t believe,

how all this have happened? She recalls Peter saying I love you…She says Peter touched her cheek before going and she can feel his warmth. She says Papa was behaving strange since many days, took sudden decisions and was getting angry very fast. She says don’t know what he wants? He said that we will go to have dinner and asks us to get ready. She says he said that everything will be fine.

Suraj reads in the newspaper about Peter’s death in a car accident. A FB is shown, Suraj does exercises and says he will make body like Dharmendra. Radha comes and says he can’t exercise. Suraj says he has decided to exercise and Peter will also exercise with him. Peter comes and says he has brought kachoris for them. Suraj asks what about his promise? Peter says he will eat as of now, and will exercise next year. Suraj eats the kachoris. FB ends. He tells Radha that they have been waiting to kill Peter since 25 years. Radha says Peter was your friend and that’s why you was missing him. She says if Yug is right then may be peter is not our murderer. She says we might have been murdered because of someone else. Suraj says we didn’t know. Radha says if Yug is right then we will be wrong to hate an innocent guy like Peter. Suraj says if we don’t know about our murderer then how do we get mukti? Yug tells Sophia that he is leaving? He thinks your dad has done so much for me.

Amy thanks him for coming. Yug asks them to take care. She comes and sits beside Sophia. She says Yug is also upset with their dad’s death. Sophia says she would have gone mad if Yug was not with her. Amy asks if Veronica was with her? Sophia recalls Veronica scratching her wounds and says she has become all alone now. Sophia says he was murdered. Amy says why would anybody kill him. Sophia says I couldn’t understand that and says whoever has killed him, I will not leave him. Keith comes to the place where the witness is there. He throws wine there. Witness picks the wine and starts drinking. Keuth says there is definitely something in him that solves the problem instantly. Veronica calls Keith. Keith says he has killed the witness. Veronica says I was in Spa that day. Nancy and Meena comes there. Veronica gives them 2 months salary and says she is dismissing them from their job. Nancy and Meena say that they are with sophia since she was 10 years old. Meena says who will clean the house and do the kitchen work. Veronica smiles. Sophia comes to her room and sees her room empty. She thinks where is my stuff?

Precap:Veronica asks Sophia to do servant’s work and says it is her house now. Sophia leaves the house. Jaggu informs Yug that the witness is dead.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. cindrela track with mahabhaarat where shophia is cindrela yug the prince amy in the role of mice and birds and venorica ( duryadhon )and kishore ( shakuni )

    1. Hey reply I totally agree wid u wen though I don’t have much idea about Mahabharat

  2. Karinnaaridokono(Fatarajo)

    Feeling bad for Sophia , she will be tortured by her step mom just like Cinderella but her Prince Charming Yug will always be there for her , I think Yug will bring Sophia to Palekar mansion where the ghost will give love and affection to Sophia and then maybe she will fall in love with Yug as the ghost family will help them and then she may join hands with yug and ghost family to find the murderer of Palekar family and peter.
    So sad the witness had to suffer just like Yadav had to suffer
    I feel the most bad for Amy as she is so cute but her mom is an evil

  3. Sophia should go to palekar mansion and Amy should plot against Veronica as she kicked out Sophia I am so sad about Sophia????????

  4. Shraddha Sharma

    Tooooo sad for Sophia and Amy… but thoda bhut to shaq Ghosts ko b ho gya k kya peter muder tha hi nhi…
    Or sophia yug ko yeh kyu nhi btati k Peter ne Mr. K ka naam liya tha???
    Make unite sophia and yug ffast…

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