Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 23rd September 2015 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 23rd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Radha crying after reading the newspaper. Dadi comes and asks why you are crying? Radha tells today is Rajesh Khanna’s 3rd death anniversary. Dadi gets sad and cries too. Radha says he was my first love. Dadi says he was everyone’s first love. They talk about his favorite film, voice, style, songs etc. Dadi says nobody understood our journey. Radha and Dadi cries again. Suraj comes and asks what happened? Radha says you will not understand and cries again. Dadi and Radha try to hug each other and cry, but they can’t touch each other. Suraj says you both are strange. Yug comes to the bank to meet Peter. Peter asks him to come inside. Peter talks to the manager and tells about Yug’s misery. He assures that he will give guarantee and asks the bank

to give loan so that he can buy boat. Bank Manager asks Yug to pay 35000 Rs to get loan.

Yug says how can he pay the money. Peter says I will give you surity money. Yug thanks him and says I can’t take the money. He says I have done everything on my own, and can’t take your money. He apologizes and thanks Peter again for his selfless help. Peter asks him to work hard and earn money, and gets impressed with him. Yug thinks he will manage to get surity money if he stays in Palekar money and save some money.

Sophia talks to her friend and asks him to get out. He calls her jungle cat. Sophia slaps him and says she is a tigress and asks him to get out. Annie comes and asks where is Tom, my date. Sophia says he was sitting here, but I threw him out. Annie says can’t you see me happy. Sophia says he was shameless, and flirting with me. Annie says every Bustura boy flirts with you. Sophia says yes. Annie goes. Radha cries. Suraj tries to cheer her up and says Anand’s success was his biggest win. Radha says it is happening because of Yug. He brought this newspaper else I would not have known about Rajesh Khanna’s demise. Suraj asks her not to blame him. Radha says Yug should be punished. Ria says Yug have to go. Suraj says he has to go and tonight is her last night at our house.

Sophia brings bouquet with grass. Peter asks why did you bring grass bouquet with less flowers. Veronica talks on phone and asks to think something exotic. She indirectly gives hint to Peter to do something better, and asks him to jump from aeroplane. Peter falls down shockingly. Yug comes to Palekar Mansion in the night and thinks who has switched off the lights. She lights the candle, but it is blown away. Yug goes to his room, wears blanket and hurry up to sleep.

Sophia asks Meena not to throw the empty bottle. Annie comes and asks Meena not to throw the bottles as Sophia thinks her prince charming will come because of this bottles. Sophia says my prince charming will come, but your mum have to find groom for you. Annie says I hate you. Sophia says I have same feelings for you, I hate you too. Someone knocks on Yug’s room door.

Yug sees Jaggu Dada’s son and stops him. While the boy runs and collides with Sophia’s car. He gets injured shocking Yug. Someone knocks on the door. Yug gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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