Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 23rd October 2015 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 23rd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sophia coming to Palekar Mansion. Ria sees her from the balcony and thinks this girl might have feelings for Yug. She informs everyone that the girl is coming here. Everyone get excited. Radha asks why you didn’t tell me before. Ria says I think new love story is going to start. Sophia thinks I don’t believe that Yug stays here, and says atleast one person don’t get afraid of this place. Even I don’t get scared. Ishaan says there is a girl and boy in a love story. Dadi tells about her love story. Everyone refuses to listen to her story. They argue. Ishaan says you are very old, and that’s why I didn’t introduce you to my girl friends. Ria says we will hear your love story some other time. Door opens and Sophia enters

Palekar Mansion’s hall. All the ghost family happily see her. Yug is having soup while watching TV. Sophia looks at the house and is quite amazed. She sees Yug having soup calmly and asks you are enjoying.

Yug gets shocked seeing her. He says it is not enjoyment. Sophia asks why you didn’t come to work. Yug says you have thrown me out of job. Sophia says why you didn’t tell me that you haven’t done any mistake. Yug says I told, but you didn’t listen to me. Sophia says you should have told me clearly. She says it was my mistake too. Yug says you can’t do any mistake. Ria gets angry and says this girl is shouting at Yug. Radha says Yug has been blinded in love. Suraj says just like me. Ishaan says you both are married, and says Yug’s approach is wrong.

Dadi taunts Suraj for loving only Radha and says my grand son has more experienced. Sophia asks Yug why should have told me. Ishaan says he shall work on his plan no. 44. A wind blows and Sophia falls in Yug’s arms. They have an eye lock. De De Sahiba plays…………..Sophia thinks how did she fell in his arms. She asks do you have fever and touches his face. Yug says he has some fever. Sophia says you should have taken care of yourself.
Veronica asks Peter why we are fighting with each other. They make up. Peter says you know well that I love you very much. Veronica asks him to accept that the mistake is his friend Mathew. Veronica says I know my friend and his wife is toofani. Veronica says it is good that she is leaving fat guy. She tells Mathew is having affair with some girl. Peter says it is good. They argue.

Sophia asks Yug, do you stay here in Palekar Mansion, and asks if there are ghosts here…….Yug asks her not to tell anything to anyone.

She tells that she heard Ben was beaten here and ran away scared. Yug says he is staying here because of helplessness. Sophia asks him to rest for two days and join work. She says she always wanted to come here, but her dad had stopped her. She sees big piano and plays music. All the ghost family listen to the music and claps. Sophia asks can I come again here? Yug nods. Sophia thanks him. The ghost family make Sophia’s purse falls down, and makes their heads collides in a filmy style. Sahiba song plays…………..Yug picks her money.

Veronica praises a designer and says you are fantastic. He says it is a gift from me. Veronica thanks him. Amy gets angry. Veronica asks him to come again. Amy asks Veronica, what she is doing and asks if she patched up with Peter. Veronica asks her not to talk about Peter. Veronica says Peter loves me much, but why he is fighting, and says divorce is right. Amy says no. Veronica asks him to marry solid man, like her designer friend. Amy gets tensed and thinks mom likes this guy. She feels bad for her dad.

Yug gives her purse. Sophia asks him to join work from day after tomorrow. She leaves. Yug jumps in joy and sings song Shaam Gulabi……….sheher………..while the ghost family dance in the background. He imagines Sophia dancing with him. He is about to fall down, but ghost family hold him on time.

Guru maa tells that end has come for the ghosts. They see a ballon and touch it. They feel eye irritation.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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