Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 23rd December 2015 Written Episode Update

Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 23rd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with the beggar saying that he has witness Peter’s accident with his own eyes and it was intentional. Yug and Sophia is shocked. Sophia asks if he has seen with his eyes. Veronica starts acting and says it is an accident. She goes along with him to the police station. Suraj says Peter will never apologize to us now. Ria, Ishaan and others think about their mukti. Radha feels bad for Sophia. Doctor asks Sophia, where she wants to take her dad’s body to graveyard or for postmortem. Sophia cries. Yug makes her drink water and tries to console her. He says I don’t know how it feels when a dad is dead, but I know one thing….and asks her to remember his memories. Sophia reminiscences Peter and gets teary eyes. Yug says your dad will feel bad seeing you

crying. He recalls Peter saying that he will tell all truth to them. Amy comes there and asks Sophia what happened to Papa. Sophia says Papa is no more. Amy hugs her and cries.

Veronica comes to Keith and is in shock. Keith asks if she is sad over her husband’s death. Veronica tells him that there was an eye witness to Peter’s death, and says our game is…..Keith says I never leave any proofs. Veronica says I took him to police station and he recorded the statement with the police. Keith asks if you are a fool.

Yug comes back home. Radha asks him about Peter’s death. Yug says I was sure that Peter is not the one responsible for your death. Suraj asks what do you mean? Dadi asks why you are trusting him, when he betrayed you. Yug says he was coming here, but have turned the car towards highway. He says when I told him that you have killed my family, then he was shattered and cried. He said that this is not truth and says my friend Suraj need to know it first. He says he might want to tell you something. Suraj says may be he want to apologize to me. Yug says no and says Peter was killed intentionally and someone is behind his death.

Veronica tells Keith that she has to take eye witness to police station as he was telling Yug and Sophia about his death. She says we are in big trouble. Keith laughs and says it is time to celebrate. Yug says something had happened and Peter turned his car towards U turn. That lorry was waiting for Peter’s car and seeing his car coming, he crashed it. Yug says his friend Jaggu is a constable and says he will enquire with the police. He says I have to be with Sophia in this toughest time. Radha says you shall go. Ishaan says yes, you shall go, and angrily says that they will stay here till anant kaal as Peter is dead now. Yug says guilty is still alive and everyone will get mukti if he is caught. Suraj and everyone looks on. Yug thinks to find out about the lorry driver.

Everyone gather at the burial ground. Priest reads the verses and Peter is burried. Veronica looks on as Keith walks towards there. Yug looks at Keith. Keith comes and stands aside Veronica. He silently holds her hand. Sophia and Amy looks at him. Keith says I was very shocked to hear that. Sophia looks shocked.

Suraj says we were waiting for Peter’s death since 25 years. Radha says may be he was not guilty and someone else killed us. Keith tries to kill the witness and makes him drink wine.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    Peter ka character ko kyu katam kr diya???
    Ya to coma me daal dete ya ghost bnna dete… going to miss Peter’s character…
    And Palekar’s murder is Keith and Veronica….

  2. Yes I also think so Shraddha, they shouldn’t have ended Peter’s character , but it would be quite interesting to see how ghost family and Yug will come to know about that actual murderer of the Palekar family.
    Feeling very bad for Sophia

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