Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 22nd October 2015 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 22nd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Yadav asking everyone for forgiveness. Dadi gives him shock. Yadav apologizes again. They take care of Yug. Peter asks Veronica, what she thought about him and why is she blaming him. Veronica asks if every wife is selfish. Peter says ladies made gents life hell by buying stuff. She asks why do you want a wife to run your house. Peter laughs. Amy and Sophia come out hearing their fight. Veronica asks did they hear what Peter has just said? She says she is talking to her girls. Peter says they are my daughters too and hugs them. Veronica gets angry with him. Peter gets sad. Sophia says they have never fighted like this.

At Palekar Mansion, Dadi, Radha, Ria, Ishaan and Suraj sleep on Yug’s bed. Yug wakes up in the morning. Radha tells he has

woken up. they get happy seeing his fine. Dadi says he is looking fine. Yug gets sad and looks at the bowl at his bed side. Radha and other vanish it. Yug thinks it might be his imagination, and says he don’t recollect anything. He feels better. He thinks someone took care of me in the night and thinks it might be God as he is an orphan. He gets up, but stumbles, they holds him. He lies down on the bed and thinks he felt motherly love yesterday. Radha says her mum might be making soup for him. Suraj says his papa might called doctor for him and feels pity.

Veronica says good morning to peter and asks what he is doing? She says Yoga, what will happen to you. Peter says he has started yoga. Veronica says wife can leave husband because of fatness. Peter says you can’t. Sophia hears them. Veronica says I saw Peter, the cheater doing yoga. They argue. Peter says you are wrong after divorce. They argue again. Veronica calls him fat don and says she can’t be wrong about divorce. Amy gets tensed. Sophia consoles her.

Yug gets down the stairs and thinks he is very much hungry. Dadi says he is very hungry and feels pity. Radha says I have thought something. She asks him to go to kitchen. Yug goes to kitchen. Dadi thinks why she is happy and goes to kitchen. Yug is about to light gas stove and thinks he must have made soup in the night. He checks it and thinks it is very hot. Radha makes it cold. Yug thinks my mind is not working. He thinks to drink it. Dadi says it is very hot and asks her to use her mind thinking Yug might suspect that someone is inside the house. They argue.

Sophia thinks to enquire about Yug and asks Peter. She calls him, but he was away and don’t pick her call. Sophia asks about his address. Peter says he lost home in thunderstorm and says I don’t know about his home. Sophia asks about Yug’s address. Nancy says she don’t know. Peter asks why you are angry and what work you have with him. Sophia says we shall know about him. Peter says he is a solid gold man. Sophia argues that she is just asking him about his address. Peter asks her to ask Yug and says women are same.
Sophia thinks she has to talk to Yug and wonders from where to get his address. She recalls Yug saying that he stays in Palekar mansion.

Ishaan talks to Yadav and says I know what you are feeling now, and says everyone is roaming around stranger. He says Yug is our guest now and we can’t let him die. Yadav says yes and says something is bothering me. He says when he came here, I thought we will get mukti because of him. He says we were all killed together. Ishaan says you also died because of our eye witness. He asks do you remember the killer. Yadav says I don’t and tells two people came and killed me. Another man came from behind. Ishaan says Suraj never tell us anything. Yadav says we can’t do anything to our killer.

Sophia comes to Palekar Mansion and thinks Yug stays here hoping to apologize to him. She gets inside the gate.

Ishaan tells about a girl and boy in love. Sophia comes inside and apologizes to Yug. She falls in his arms and have an eye lock while everyone is happy.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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