Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 21st September 2015 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 21st September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Yug seeing Suraj in the Palekar Mansion, and says he is happy seeing him in the house. He asks if he came to take shelter, and asks him to stay there. He says people say that ghost do exist here, but I don’t believe. He says if ghosts really exist, then also they might be good that’s why letting me stay. Suraj gets moved by his words and thinks he is a good human being, while they are bad as a ghost. Suraj tells about the news in newspaper. Yug says he will bring a big TV once he gets money. Suraj gets excited and asks if he is saying truth. Yug says yes. He praises Suraj and compliments his face saying it is like Suraj. Suraj gets happy. Yug goes to make finger tea for them. Radha, Dadi and others scold Suraj.

Annie comes to Sophia and shows

her phone. Sophia shows her same model phone and says she brought it before. Annie gets angry. Suraj tells Dadi that Yug said good about them. He said that we must be good. He says we were dead and got bad publicity too. People gossips about us, and tells that I killed you all and went away with jewellery, money and stuff. He cries. Ishaan says it is people’s work to talk about others and asks him to leave it. Suraj says you said right for the first time. Suraj tells Radha and Dadi that Yug is the first man who said good about them. Radha asks if his heart melted hearing this one thing. Suraj says no, and says Yug said that he will bring a big TV for our hall. He says I will watch football on it. Radha says no. Ishaan says you have taken a big trouble. Yug makes tea and then looks for Suraj. He thinks he has to drink alone now.

Sophia brings Veronica’s shawl and says she paid 5000 for the same. She says money is not important, but feelings are important. Veronica says it is not her shawl, and asks whose shawl it is. Nancy says it was her shawl and she gave it for charity. Veronica acts as getting rashes and rushes to the hospital. Everyone laugh.

Dadi doesn’t agree to Suraj. Suraj then tries to convince Radha. She says no. Dadi also says no. Radha says we won’t let him stay anymore. Dadi says I support my bahu. She says she want to win the challenge with Yadav. Suraj says Yug will stay here for some days, and then we will scare him making him go. Dadi and Radha think to scare Yug. They come to his room and pull off the blanket. They see pillows instead of Yug. Radha says where did he go? Dadi wonders where did he go? Radha asks why it is darkness in the house.

Dadi reminds her that they are ghosts and asks her to light the house like her. Radha says she can even do it. Dadi tells we are ghosts and can pass through the things. She collides with a antique and asks who is this. Yadav says I am here. Dadi says she made that human leave the house, and says I have won. Yadav laughs and says you have won. Radha says do you know where did he go? Dadi says Yug might have left. In the morning, Radha informs Ria that Yug has left. Ria gets sad. Suraj says I told that let him stay for some more days. Dadi says she made him run away from the house. Radha says we didn’t make him leave. Suraj says question is that where did he go? Ishaan says where did he go then? Yadav appears. Everyone asks where is he?

Peter meets Yug most probably outside Palekar house. Sophia beats up Jaggu Dada while Yug admires her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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