Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 21st October 2015 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 21st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Yug standing outside Sophia’s house and thinks she didn’t hear me. Yug thinks he will clear her misunderstanding today and sits outside her house while it is raining. He sneezes and shivers due to cold. Sophia comes out and see Yug sitting still. She gets angry and sits to read magazine. Yug sneezes. Sophia recalls her happiness seeing the letter in the bottle. She recalls going to Palekar Mansion and seeing Yug there. She thinks I don’t care for him and will never forgive him. Meena asks who? Sophia says you and asks her to go. She opens the door and sees him gone. She thinks he was thinking I will melt seeing him drenched in rain. Yug is in Palekar Mansion and sneezes while being on bed. All the ghost family surround him. Dadi says

he might got pneumonia. Suraj says dengue is the new disease. Radha asks him not to be doctor. Dadi says his condition is getting worsened. Radha says whenever someone is ill, family surrounds him, but there is no one for him. Ria recalls having fever once and family taking care of her. Ishaan says yug is a man and man never feels pain. Radha makes him recall that he got measles and was injured too. Ria, Radha and Dadi think to stay with Yug tonight and take care of him.

Veronica gets angry. Peter says you said that you can’t come and that’s why I went alone. Peter says it was a big charity event. I am a minister and had to go. Veronica says you think much. Peter says I am gone…..and says I apologize to you. Veronica asks can you do something for me. Peter says yes. She gives credit card bill and asks him to pay. Peter keeps hand on his heart and shouts no. Yadav thinks everyone is doing as if Maharaja is ill. Ishaan says he is a nice man, but family members are over protecting about him. Yadav says you are right, we have to talk to them. Radha, Dadi, Ria and Suraj appear and ask what? Yadav says only we two are having intelligence. Suraj asks what do you mean? Yadav says we shall not care about him. Dadi tells him that Yug is ill. Radha asks where is the humanity. Yadav says he will die if his condition worsens and will become ghost. Suraj asks him to mind his language, and says Yug will not become ghost. He says I don’t want anyone to have painful death.

Ishaan says who cares about him. All the ladies say that they care. Radha and Suraj feel bad. Suraj says you have become stone hearted. Dadi says I will support Yug. She says people used to say that mum doesn’t taught her kid when kid do something bad.

Amy comes to Sophia and asks for her top. Sophia asks don’t you have top. Amy says it is my fault indirectly. Sophia gets angry and says she couldn’t took her anger on driver. She asks what happened? Sophia says driver pretended that he is my prince charming. Amy says this idea was of Ben. she says Avni’s friend told me that Ben left from Palekar Mansion cryingly. She says Ben saw you throwing bottle and thought to take revenge from you for his insult. Sophia reali

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