Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 21st January 2016 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 21st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Veronica apologizing to Keith and says she felt as if someone is inside her body, and made her do all this. Keith asks her to get her psychiatric treatment done, and never ask these types of questions. He threatens her. Veronica thinks what has happened to me? Yug says I can’t tell anything to you. I am helpless. Sophia says then I don’t believe you. Yug asks her to trust him, and says he loves her. Sophia says I can never trust you. Yug says then what is the point of talking. Love is two sided and the first ladder is trust, and if you don’t trust me then it means you have never loved me. I was stupid to think that you love me. He says I want your betterment always, and that’s why I will never meet you or trouble you. He says I will never

show my face to you, and says I am same as before. He says he will pray for her happiness always and leaves. Ishaan is in extreme pain. Radha says it seems Ishaan’s strength is lost. Dadi asks did you get to know about Peter’s death truth. Yug comes home.

Ishaan tells Dadi that Keith is responsible for Peter’s death. Yug asks him to tell about Veronica and Keith’s conversation. Ishaan tells that Keith wants to burn the house, and is Peter’s killer. Yug says I was doubtful about him, and says he needs proof now. He says he is having some connection with you all. He recalls Peter saying that time has come to tell the truth. Yadav says it has very much suspense. Ria asks did you talk to Sophia? Yug says she doesn’t want to trust me and want to know the truth. I can’t tell truth about you. Radha and Suraj are sad. Yug says I told Sophia that I will never trouble her. Ria asks can you forget her? Yug says I don’t want to think all that, have to find proof against Keith. Dadi says Peter’s murder truth is out now, but Sophia and Yug are separated. She gets sad.

Sophia recalls Yug’s words and tells Amy that she couldn’t figure out what is right and what is right? Amy asks what did he said? Sophia says Yug asked me to believe him. Amy asks tell me truly, if you trust him or not? Sophia says my heart is asking me to trust him, or mind saying otherwise. Amy tells her that she has seen love in Yug’s eyes and says trust is important in any relationship. Sophia thinks about Yug’s words and leaves from the house.

Ria tells Yug that you can’t hide one thing from me, about Sophia. Yug says I haven’t hide anything. Ria says you are in pain as Sophia isn’t believing you. Yug says now I know that Keith Adams are near her, and can do anything to my Sophia. He hears someone knocking on the door and opens it. Ria vanishes seeing Sophia. Sophia comes inside and says I can trust you…., but you have to tell me everything. She says until you trust me, how can I trust you? She asks him to tell the truth. Yug says I can’t tell. Dadi and Radha ask him to tell the truth. Sophia asks him to say? Yug asks her to sit. He says he stays with all the family, ghost family….Sophia asks where?

He says those people told me that Peter killed them. I talked to Peter sir and he was coming here to clear the misunderstanding. Sophia says do you think that I will believe on your story? She asks am I illiterate? She says Palekar Mansion is haunted, but you are staying here and I have come here many times. She is about to go, but Radha calls her name. Sophia turns and is shocked to see Palekar family appearing right infront of her. Sophia is scared and shocked.

Ishaan tells Veronica that he has entered Veronica’s body and got to know that Keith is Peter’s murderer. Sophia is shocked to know this.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Akash dhingra

    Wow what a suspensable episode i like it very much tommorow episode will be interesting

  2. I loved today’s episode Yugphia rocks I just love it finally Sophia got to know about ghost family I hope she don’t faint and then Yug hold her 😛 ghost family rocks now keith n Veronica the end is assured and I knew that Ishan could be the only one to find out about Peter’s murder
    ZABHMG finally is not the life ok show with lowest trp, this week JKHRR got lower trp than ZABHMG I m at least happy with that as I can’t tolerate to see ZABHMG among all life ok shows(I only watch ZABHMG regularly n Kalash, Savdhaan India sometimes)

  3. Shraddha Sharma

    Nice episode….
    Finally sophia will know the truth….

  4. Loved it. Great Episode!!

  5. I really like this show… It has a different storyline with all the fantasy part. It is better than much other shows where the cv’s keep dragging the story.

  6. richa (titli)

    @@@@@ Rashika thanxx thanxx a lotfor the summary the other day thank you love you lol Sorry for the late thank uuu 🙂

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