Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 20th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 20th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Yug thinking about Sophia and says he wanted to make her happy but………..Ria feels sorry for him. Suraj asks her what she is doing and asks if she is not going to college tomorrow. Ria looks at him. Suraj says I am joking. He asks Ria why he is sad? Ria tells there is some misunderstanding and that girl was ready to eat him like a hungry tigress. She feels pity on him and says Yug can’t betray any girl. Suraj says he brought tantrik here. Ria says Yug didn’t bring him. She asks that if one is not wrong then he shall not be sad and make his head high. She says Yug has to reply to that ill manered girl. Dadi asks Yadav, if he is missing Latika. Yadav asks her to tell if she knows anything about her. Dadi tells Bustura people knows

about her. He asks her to tell about Latika. Dadi says I will not tell……….Yadav asks if latika got married to kamli. Dadi says I will tell you……and asks if he lied about her husband. Yadav says no. Dadi says if you can’t tell truth then I can’t tell too. Yadav holds his ears and says Dada used to had her tiffin, etc. Dadi asks what about Radha’s bangle. Yadav says he didn’t steal that….and says your sevant had stolen it. Radha, Suraj and others appear there. Radha scolds him for lying about her sasur. Suraj also gets angry. Ria asks why did you do this with us? Ishaan gets angry too.

Yadav requests Dadi to tell him about Latika. Dadi says I didn’t know anything about her. Yadav says you have acted. Dadi says I have just acted, but you have hurt our feelings and hurt my dead husband’s soul. Yadav holds his ears and apologizes. He says I said one thing right, he used to throw your tiffin and ate samosas. Dadi says I don’t care as Radha used to make his tiffin. Radha appears and says you have accepted that I used to cook for all. Yug is in Palekar mansion and thinks he didn’t do anything and have to talk to Sophia in the morning. Tantrik comes outside Palekar Mansion and thinks about Guru Maa’s words. he thinks why did she sent me here for such a hard task. He worriedly enters Palekar Mansion and cut the grass with a knife. He runs from there.

Yug thinks Sophia accused him wrongly and says I will tell her that I didn’t do any mistake. He recalls what she has told him. He says she thought me so wrong. Just then Sophia comes out and looks at him angrily. She thinks what he is doing here….He might be thinking that I will keep him on the job again. She sits in her car while Yug tries talking to her. He asks her to tell him once, what wrong did he do? Sophia drives the car and leaves angrily. Yug thinks she just ignored me, and says I will tell her about my heart talk. he thinks to wait for her right there…………Khogaya Gum hogaya………….chandariya………plays……………….Yug keeps waiting for her return.

Radha tells Yadav that he shall act like a dog now. Yadav says you know that I miss my wife Latika and don’t know if you told truth or not about her. Suraj comes and says you want to know what she is doing in lively people. Dadi says she used to light diya in your memory and is sad that you died. Yadav thanks her. Radha asks why did you lied to Yadav? Latika has married Danny. Dadi says she thought of Gandhi ji’s words and didn’t tell anything. They argue. Radha complains to Suraj about Dadi calling her Supranakha… Suraj tries to calm her.

Yug is sitting outside Sophia’s house while it is raining heavily. he thinks about her words and gets restless. Sophia comes in her car and sees Yug sitting in rain. She comes out of car. Yug calls her and tries to talk…..Sophia stops and looks at him angrily before getting inside her house. Chandariya plays…………………Yug thinks you are so stone hearted Sophia. You did a mistake and identified me wrong. I didn’t do anything.

Ghost family see Yug unwell and think how to call doctor. Ishaan asks who cares for him. Dadi, Radha and Ria say that they care for him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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