Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 20th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 20th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Yug explaining to Sophia that Peter is an influential Minister of Bustura and will send police to take her back home, and then he will be put behind bars. He asks her to take his high society friends help. Sophia says she is not having any friends, who will help her. She says she goes shopping with Avni, but she will not help her in this. Yug says they are high society people and will not help you. He says I will not take this risk and let you stay here. Sophia requests him to let her stay in Palekar Mansion. Yug asks her, do you know who is that guy? Sophia says he is Hasmukh Jignesh Patel from Canada. Ishaan and Yadav hears them. Ishaan asks him to help him. Yadav asks him to maintain his anger.

Ishaan says I can go to any extent to get mukti.

Sophia says I didn’t come here as you are my driver, but you are a good human being who have a helping nature. Yug says you want to befriended with a driver. Sophia says she don’t make friendship seeing the status. Yug asks Sophia to go and meet the guy, and promises to help her if she don’t like that guy. Sophia asks promise? Yug nods. Sophia goes home. He thinks Sophia might marry tomorrow and prays for her happiness from God. Radha calls Ishaan……..Ishaan disappears.

Radha says Yug have returned and God gave us a chance. She says we have much hatred for Peter. Dadi says but we will not do anything wrong. Radha says I have always fulfilled all your wishes. She says our duty says we shall unite Yug and Sophia. She says Yug will bring Peter here one day and Yug and Sophia will not be harmed. She tells Suraj not to refuse him. She tells Ishaan that they hid the truth as they want to keep them away from truth. She says Yug’s mission is Sophia and our mission is Peter. She asks are you with me. Dadi says Radha is saying right. We all need mukti, and says we will not get mukti if we hurt innocent people. Ishaan argues. Radha scolds him. Ria promises. Radha asks Ishaan to promise else she will send Yug out of house. Ishaan, Dadi, Yadav, Suraj and Ria promise and hold each other hands. Yug comes back and asks what promise? They look at him. He asks what happened?

Sophia comes back home. Hasmukh’s mum says Hasmukh will come now. Hasmukh comes home and shows the hotel stuff. He says we gave rent to hotel room and that’s why I brought pillow and bathroom stuff. Amy and Sophia are stunned. He gives her deo and perfume of that hotel to Sophia. Sophia is surprised. Amy says she will keep it in her room. Sophia asks him about Canada. Hasmukh tells his mum that there are many mosquitoes, dust etc in India, and wonders how I will stay here. Sophia asks why did you come here. He says I like it.
Suraj gives money to Yug. Yug thanks him. Suraj asks if this money is sufficient for you. Yug says yes. Dadi asks him again. Yug says yes. Ria asks him why did you give him less money. Suraj says if I give him much money then he might take house on rent. Ria asks why did Sophia come here? Yug says her dad has fixed her marriage. He says I make her understand that she has to listen to elders and marry.

Amy asks Veronica why Papa is getting Sophia married? Veronica asks what is your problem? Amy says Hasmukh doesn’t deserve Sophia and says he is a bathroom stuff thief. Veronica says Jignesh is Peter’s childhood friend. She says she is happy and says once Sophia goes, she will get her married to a rich guy. Amy gets angry on her mum. Sophia hears them. Amy wonders how can he do this? Veronica says your Papa is thinking from mind and not from his stupid heart. Sophia cries. She calls him. Yug says ok, ok and says he remembers his promise. He informs the family that Sophia didn’t like the guy and says he is tensed about the promise which he made to Sophia. He says how I will break her marriage. They tell him many ideas. Yug is surprised.

Sophia cries. Yug wonders why Peter wants to get Sophia married? Suraj tells Radha that Peter is scared and playing trick to keep Sophia away from Palekar Mansion.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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