Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 1st October 2015 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 1st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Veronica scolding Sophia for breaking Amy’s alliance with Ben. Sophia says that’s why you sent me for shopping. Veronica says it is good that you realized, and says see what I can do with you. Amy asks her to beat Sophia. Veronica locks her in the room. Sophia says you can’t do this thing from me. Amy cries and says Ben was so handsome. I will not get a guy like him and I will remain single. Veronica says it will not happen till I am with you. Senior police officer comes to the Police station. Other Inspector asks Jaggu Dada to wear uniform. Jaggu Dada tries to hide Yug who is staying in the lock up. Inspector says there was no crime in Bustura since 6 months. The Other Inspector asks if he caught any thief last night. Yug wakes up and asks Jaggu

Dada to give him tea. Jaggu Dada tells that he is a thief. Senior Inspector says he will be punished. Jaggu Dada tells Yug is his friend and has no place to sleep so he let him sleep here. Senior Inspector asks Jaggu Dada not to let anyone stay here as it is a police lock up. Jaggu Dada asks Yug to go and meet at night. Yug asks him to open lock up first. Ria says we were killed 25 years ago and was trapped here. She asks her to tell truth today. Dadi is speechless. Yadav asks why you are asking her, and says truth will not change if you blame anyone. He asks her to go on terrace and see his Latika.

Yug is walking on road, thinks he has no place to stay, and have no job. He thinks his dreams are shattered. Peter spots him on road and gets down calling his name. He asks what is the problem? Yug says I lost my job. Peter asks him to do job in his house as a gardener. Yug gets happy, thinks about Sophia and agrees. Peter says he will call home and informs about him. Sophia asks Nancy and Meena to open the door. Amy comes there and plays loud music. She says I am going to the party. Sophia says do you think I will be here all my life. Amy says not all life, but today. Sophia asks her to shut up. Jaggu Dada and Johny come to the tantrik for helping Yug. Jaggu Dada tells we need your help. Tantrik asks where is the ghost? Jaggu Dada says you are very great, I didn’t mention that I came to tell about the ghost problem. Tantrik asks where are ghosts.

Yug comes to Peter’s house and thinks his princess home is good. Nancy asks him to clean the grass and water the plants. He sees Sophia in the room while Sahiba song plays in the back ground. Sophia throws the things and it falls on Yug. He makes noise and Sophia turns to see him. She asks if he is hurt. Tantrik shows some stuff and then asks for money. Johny asks him to take half money now and then half after work. Tantrik says ghost, I am coming. Sophia asks what you are doing here? Yug says Peter sir gave him job of a gardener. Sophia says God sent you to help me. She says I want to get down through this stairs and says Veronica shall not know. Yug says okay. Sophia gets down the stairs, but just then Veronica comes.

The tantrik comes to Palekar Mansion and attacks the ghost with his powers. He then locks them up in the bottle.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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