Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 1st February 2016 Written Episode Update

Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 1st February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Amy thinking about Sophia’s words that Keith Adams is their Papa’s murderer and is having an affair with Veronica. She gets tensed. Veronica asks Keith if he could recall about that old man. She says Sophia didn’t hear anything as she was busy, but that man can be proved to be dangerous for you. Keith asks what? Only for me….for you also. He says you are equally responsible for my crimes. Veronica asks are you serious? You have paying me back like this, with a threat. Keith says I am just reminding you…and asks her not to worry as he has never betrayed her. He asks her to always support him. Amy comes there and see them together. She recalls Sophia asking her not to tell this to anyone. Veronica asks what is the matter and asks her to greet keith.

Amy says sorry and goes saying she is having a head ache. Keith asks what happened to her? Veronica says she is upset since morning as Sophia showed her some movie.

Sophia and Yug come to the old age home. She says she want to meet an old man. The woman asks if they are his relative. Sophia says no. Yug says it is about life and death. The woman says she can’t allow them to meet him as per rules. Sophia talks to an old lady about the man. She says that person is Dr. Ashok Ratan….The woman again says she can’t let them meet him and asks them to leave. Yug and Sophia come out of old age home. Yug says this man appeared to be a Doctor and says Anjali Apte and Dr. Ashok Ratan might be working in the same hospital. He says we shall go to the hospital and enquire there. Sophia says okay and they leave.

Suraj says Sophia and Yug are trying to prove that Keith is Kishore Adam. Radha says you mean to say that Keith is our murderer. Suraj says it seems right, and says Yug is collecting proof as he don’t us to punish innocent people. Dadi says Yug is right and Keith is our murderer. Yadav says we will get mukti for forever if we kill him. Dadi says yes. Yadav says I am sure that we will get mukti. Ria cries. Dadi asks what happened? Don’t you want us to get mukti? She says we have been waiting for this day since years. Ria says we will get mukti, but we will go far away from Yug also. She says I had never thought that I will get a good brother after my dead. She says I don’t want to go far from Yug and says she can’t imagine life without him. She says she don’t want mukti. Everyone looks on.

Yug and Sophia come to the hospital. They send Jaggu Dada to do the enquiry. Jaggu Dada comes out and says he couldn’t get any info about the doctor because of confidential clause. Yug says you would have said that you are a doctor. Jaggu says they showed me some file and there was nothing about Keith or Kishore. Sophia says what we will do now? We can’t get proof. Yug says we will go to old age home again and thinks of an idea.

Keith gives money to his goons to kill Doctor Ratan. He gets a phone call. Someone informs him that Sophia and Yug came to hospital. He is shocked. The goons say we will leave. Keith asks them to leave and keeps hand on the money. He says it is not in your limits now. He thinks Sophia and Yug can get to know his truth and thinks to kill Dr. Ratan, Yug and Sophia.

Ria recalls the moments with Yug and says she don’t want to lose him. Dadi says we can’t stay here anymore. Ria says we don’t know where we will go after mukti. Dadi asks if everything was in our hands, then we would not have died. She says we got a good relation which even alive people can’t get. She says she will miss Yug and wants him to be her grand son in next birth. She says we were yearning for mukti and when it is nearer, we want to keep relation with him.

Amy asks Veronica if she misses Peter. Veronica asks if Sophia told you anything. Amy looks on. Yug tells Sophia that they will enter old age home in disguise of Amar, Akbar and Anthony and smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    Nice episode….
    Really feeling bad, I hope ghost family turns into real family of Yug and Sophia…

  2. I loved the way Yugphia investigate the Keith matter together, n precap also good, n awww ghost family I love ghost family a lot, n I do agree with u shraddha I wish ghost family turn real,iI love ghost family n yug bond. One of my uncle hates Hindi serials to the core but he loves this show

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