Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 19th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 19th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Yug searching for his wallet. Ishaan thinks he did this for their betterment. Ria asks what you are searching? Yug sits on bed and starts crying? Radha and Suraj ask him to say what happened? Yug says all my hard earned money is missing, which I saved for buying boat and getting a rented house. He says I kept it in my pocket. Yadav thinks Ishaan might have stolen his money. Peter asks Jignesh about his son. He asks when he is reaching there. Jignesh’s wife says Sophia will like Hasmukh for sure. She says we will set the date. Peter thanks them and goes inside. Jignesh tells his wife that they shall not hurry up and give their details to Peter. They think they will get money from Peter. Ria asks Yug to stay in their house and asks not to worry.

Suraj says if we want anything from you then can we ask you. Yug says if I help you then my destiny will become bright. Yug promises to help him. Suraj says let us help you. Ria says from where you will get money, and fulfill your dreams.

Peter comes to Sophia and says you are the most precious thing in this world for me. Sophia says you think of my betterment? She says why you are doubting on me and not trusting me. Peter says I still trust you. Sophia asks if he is punishing her as she went to Palekar Mansion without her permission. Peter says no and requests her to obey him. Sophia asks did you take loan or money from Patels. Peter says I can’t tell you, but can just request you to marry him. Sophia says you are changing my life and sending me far from you, and saying just…..accept my request. Peter thinks I can’t tell even if I want to.

Suraj asks Yug, did you think anything? Yug says no. Suraj says they have some money still and asks him to start business. Yug refuses to take monetary help from them. Radha asks him to return money once he gets it. Yug refuses to take their help and says he will request Peter to hire him as a driver again. Suraj asks about Peter. Yug says he is very kind and richest man of Bustura. Suraj says he would be surely rich. Yug says do you know him? Suraj says we don’t know him. Yug asks why did you allow me to stay here? Radha says you are the first person to have won our trust and that’s why we are appearing infront of you. Yug asks what happened that day and asks them to tell. Suraj looks on tensed and says we were killed as I refused to take money for doing wrong things. I don’t want to risked others life and that’s why he had killed us. Yug asks who was that man? Suraj says let it be, and says it is enough for today. Yug says I will help you. Suraj says we will ask your help, but not today, let us help you first.

Yug comes to Peter’s house and asks Nancy about Peter. She sends him inside. He hears Amy taking to Sophia’s friend and says she doesn’t think that Sophia will get married in an arranged marriage. Amy says all girls want a rich guy. Her friend says Sophia is romantic. Amy says she will not marry a driver or gardener and says she can be romantic but not stupid. She says marriage can happen between equals. Yug looks on sad.

Yadav comes to Ishaan and asks why you are worried? Ishaan says nothing. Yadav says you said that Yug will come surely and asks if he has hidden Yug’s money. Ishaan asks him not to tell anyone. Yadav says I will not tell anyone. Ishaan says Suraj, Radha and Ria feels sympathy towards Yug, and says he hates Yug’s face. He says he can harm Yug for getting mukti and bring Sophia here.
Yug comes back. Suraj says did you get the job? Yug says I don’t want to do job there and requests Suraj to give him money. Suraj agrees. Ria asks what happened? Yug says people care for money and not for human. I will earn money now. Yadav tells Ishaan that Sophia is coming and thinks to inform Yug. Ishaan says I will not let her go. Yug comes out of Palekar Mansion gate and stops Sophia from entering inside. Sophia tells him that her dad is getting her married by force, and asks him to help her. She asks him to hide her in Palekar Mansion and says her dad will never enter here. Yug says you need my help and looks on. Sophia says we will go inside and talk.

Radha tells Suraj that Yug came back again and destiny is with them. She says one day Yug will bring Peter here. Yug is shocked to hear that Peter is their murderer.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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