Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 19th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 19th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sophia coming out and asks Nancy to throw Yug out of the house. Yug is shocked. Nancy pushes him out of house. Yug cries and says I haven’t killed him. Keith and Veronica laughs. Yug cries. Sophia also cries recalling their moments. Jag Soona Soona plays. Sophia says I have lost everything. She hugs Amy and cries. Amy asks her not to cry. Ishaan asks everyone to stop blaming him, and says I have realized my mistake and apologized to everyone. He says he don’t have the rewind button to rewind everything. Yadav says past is past. Radha says we will not get anything talking about past. Dadi says we are not alive and also trapped in this house. Ria says we can talk to Sophia and can tell the truth to her. Dadi says what we will tell her, that we

are famous ghost of Palekar Mansion. She says what will she think that we are Yug’s family. She might faint or get a heart attack. Yadav laughs and says he doesn’t know that he will become ghost after death. He says Sophia will run knowing this. Radha says it means we can’t help Yug. Jaggu dada calls Yug and says I came to know about that number, and tells she is a woman. Yug asks him to message the address and says he will meet her now itself. Jaggu dada messages him.

Later Yadav comes to Ishaan. Ishaan says book told me that I can enter human’s body thrice. Yadav asks what he is planning to do. Ishaan says this is the last chance for me to make everything fine for Yug. He has lost everything because of me. Johny and Yug come to the meet the woman Anjali Apte. Other woman says that Anjali Apte doesn’t stay here anymore and she sold this house in a hurry. She says Anjali was a very good woman, but sold this house in a hurry, may be something had happened? Yug asks the woman to call him, if she meets Anjali Apte.

Keith calls someone and asks to kill Anjali Apte. Veronica asks who is she? Keith says when he returned to hospital, Anjali Apte, the nurse asks why did he change the name etc. He says I made her understand about the confidentially clause, but she insisted to know. Later she sold her house and left, as she was afraid of me. Veronica says it is good that she left, now nobody will know that you are Kishore and not Keith. Keith laughs. Yug thinks to find out about Anjali Apte. He comes home and tells Suraj that he got this number from Keith’s phone. He says she was nurse in the hospital, and now nobody knows about her.

Suraj asks if he is sure that Keith is behind Peter’s death. Yug says yes. Yug says Keith came here a week ago, and tells that he has an affair with Sophia’s step mum Veronica. Dadi says they might get him killed because of their affair. Yug says no and says there is something more than this, and says Keith is responsible for your death. Suraj asks what do you want to say? What is his connection with our death. Yug says why he will try to burn this house. He says Keith’s name was nowhere before 24 years. He went to Canada and opened a company. He says he made Sophia belief that I have murdered Peter. Ishaan says when you came here, I thought you will get our house, but I was wrong. You just want to help us. I did a mistake and troubled your life. He apologizes. Yug says we are family and it is our problem. Ishaan says yes, and says let me help you for one last time. Yadav asks about book. Ishaan shares his plan with Yug. Yug smiles.

Yug comes to Sophia’s house. Ishaan enters Veronica’s body. Veronica asks Keith if he will kill her also. Keith says he will kill her if she opens the mouth, like he killed Peter and suffocates her neck.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    Very sad for yug that sophia is behaving with him like this….
    But i hope ki ishan make sophia realise everyhthing that its a trap set up by veronica and keith….

  2. richa (titli)

    heyy guyss i used to watch dis serial but cudnt watch due to timings change in my classes so plss can anyone tell what happned when peter plannedto tell the truth to ghosts and his wife plotted against him???

  3. Peter was murdured by keith and later yug praposes sophia and she also accepts….then ghost made yug as a house owner and keith made sophia to get dout on yug how he got so much money to purchse a mansion and he maker belive that yug is the murdrer of peter

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