Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 18th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 18th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sophia telling Yug that she has seen him somewhere. He tries to say something, but her voice is stuck in his mouth. He asks do you know me with much difficulty. Sophia says yes. She says you are the same man whose bike, I had hit. Yug nods. She asks did you want cup and breaks it mistakely. She asks him to add cup’s money in her bill. The manager tells Yug that he will cut money from his salary. Ishaan practices to scare Yug. Ria says it is old trick and says she will make dangerous face. Ishaan asks why you are not making dangerous face. Ria shouts seeing cockroach. They climb on the sofa being scared of cockroach. Suraj says you should be ashamed to be scared of cockroaches, as you belong to great family. He scares the cockroach, and says he will

scare Yug today. Jaggu Dada and Johny talk about yesterday night experience at Palekar Mansion. Johny says we will go to Palekar Mansion today. Jaggu Dada tells him that he couldn’t come and runs from there.

The ghost family plan to make Yug leave the house. Suraj says he will scare him today. Radha says we don’t know his name. Ria brings his driving licence and says his name is Yug Bustura. Yadav tells this boy is an orphan and that’s why he kept village name as his surname. Dadi asks them not to show sympathy towards him and says he has to leave today.

Sophia and her friend Avni are on the way back home. Suraj sits on the sofa while Dadi asks if he had enough of practice. Suraj says he has grown old and knows his responsibility. He asks Dadi to stop scaring him. Dadi comes and says she scolds him so that he don’t make mistakes again. Yadav appears and shows newspaper saying it is Yug’s paper. Suraj gets happy and says he didn’t read latest news since 25 years. He thanks him. Peter thinks why Sophia didn’t come till now. Sophia comes and says she was searching him. She tells him that she saw fish seller at Friday market and asks him to help him. Peter says okay and says you didn’t know his name. Peter says I will help him. She thanks him and leaves. Peter calls her again and says you should listen to me. He makes her sit and asks if she donated Veronica’s shawl. Sophia says she didn’t donate any shawl. Peter says I know that Veronica said that she will give your mum’s shawl to charity, but she didn’t do that. He asks her to agree. Sophia says it is my mistake and asks for 5000 Rs. She says she will bring that shawl and give 5000 in charity. Peter gives the money. Sophia goes.

Annie comes to Peter and says she saw him giving 5000 Rs. to Sophia. Peter says I gave it to her to bring your mum shawl. Nancy brings the restaurant bill of Sophia, and tells she used to give food to the thunderstorm victims. Peter says Sophia is very good. Annie blackmails him and asks for 20000 Rs. Peter has to give money.
Suraj reads the newspaper and says it is all bad news. He reads petrol price hike, and says it used to be 15-18 Rs. He says Radha is right, inflation is high. Yug comes, sees Suraj and says hello………..Suraj gets scared. Yug asks him not to get scared and looks on.

Yug tells Suraj that he heard people saying that ghost stays there, but he don’t agree. Suraj asks dadi and others, did he kill them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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