Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 18th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 18th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Yug coming with Johny and Jaggu Dada and is sad. Johny asks why he is sad? Yug says I have left home. Someone collides with Yug and runs. Johny gets angry, but Yug asks him to leave it. Johny says we will buy boat. Yug says then he will confess his feelings to Sophia. Johny congratulate him. Veronica comes to Sophia and asks her to wear saree now itself. Sophia asks if there is any festival? Veronica says your papa has chosen alliance for you and the groom’s family is coming to see you. Sophia refuses to marry and asks how can they fix her marriage without her consent. Veronica asks her to wear saree and get ready. Sophia asks where is Papa? I want to talk to him. Veronica tells her that Peter has arranged everything and went to bring them here.

Sophia thinks how can he do this with me. He didn’t ask me once and fixed my alliance.

Yug and his friends come to his new house. Yug says his happiness is coming true now. He says he will give money to the owner of the house, but notices wallet missing. He gets tensed and shocked. He says I remember that I have kept wallet in my pocket. Owner asks are you fooling me? Jaggu Dada says that guy who had collided with you, must have taken your money. Johny says you might have forgot money in Palekar house. Yug says lets go and file FIR. Jaggu Dada says it will take time to get your money. Yug says I am ruined….all my money was in that wallet. Johny asks him not to lose hope. Owner refuses to give home. Jaggu Dada says he will go to Police station and enquire about that guy. Johny says I will check the way. Yug describes his purse.

Sophia hears Peter bringing the guests. Nancy asks her to wear saree. Sophia says I have to talk to Papa now itself. Sophia comes down. Peter asks why you are not ready yet. Sophia says I want to talk to you. Peter says they are his friends from Canada. He says groom Hasmukh’s dad is his friend Jignesh. Sophia says I want to talk to you. Peter asks her to greet them. Sophia says I felt good meeting you, but is sad too as you have came here from Canada. She says she has no plans to marry their son and says sorry for wasting their time. Peter shouts and asks how can she do this. Veronica says they are sitting and asks him to sit. Peter apologizes. Jignesh and his wife asks Peter not to worry, and says today’s kids run away from marriage. She says we like your daughter. Veronica thinks this family is perfect for Sophia, and then she will get her daughter married in a very good family.

Yug searches for the purse and sits down tensedly. Johny comes and says I didn’t get your wallet. Yug says it was my hard earned money. Jaggu Dada tells Yug that he found about the guy who had collided with him. Yug, Johny and Jaggu Dada go to that guy. The guy runs seeing them. Yug asks him to give money. The guy confesses that he had put hand in his pocket, but it was already empty. Yug sits down sadly and says my purse is not with him.

Yadav says we have lost a big chance today. Ria says it was not our plan, and we have decided to help Yug get Sophia. Yadav says there is no Yug, Sophia and their raas leela. Let sit and sing bhajan. Dadi says we also want mukti, by getting the guilty punished, but not punishing the innocent people. Suraj says how we will fight if our hands are tied. He tells Radha that because of her, they lost the chance. Radha asks what do you want, mukti or revenge. Yadav says I need revenge. Radha says we all are suffering since 25 years, but haven’t left truth. Ria says Peter will be punished in this world. Radha says we have time, but Peter’s back clock have started running. Suraj smiles. Radha says one day God will hear us. Dadi asks where is Ishaan? Ishaan appears. Ria asks him to listen. Ishaan vanishes. Yug talks to God and asks why he is doing this again with him. He asks what did you get by troubling orphan, poor guy like me. Johny asks him not to lose hope and says you might have left your wallet at Palekar Mansion. He asks him to go once and check. Yug says how I will go there? Jaggu Dada asks who will see your face. Yug thinks my family who loves me will understand seeing my face.

Yug comes to the Palekar Mansion again. Yadav calls everyone and says Yug came back. Yug searches for his wallet in the house. Everyone is happy to see him. Ria says he came for our love. Radha says he must have come here to tell about his new home and boat. Ishaan says no, and says he is looking as if everything is lost. Yug ask suraj to give him 2 mins and says he needs to search something. He searches in the room. Suraj and Radha wonders what he is searching. Ishaan thinks I told that Yug will come back and I know what he is searching, which I have stolen. He recalls stealing Yug’s wallet through his powers. Yug sadly searches for his wallet and thinks where did my wallet go. Ishaan thinks Yug have to stay with us, until our motive is fulfilled.

Yug asks them why they were killed? Suraj says he refused to do wrong thing and was killed. Yug asks about the killer and says he will help them. Radha and Suraj looks on happily.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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