Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 18th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 18th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Yadav coming to Yug and says you are really a good human being. He says I want to thank you. Yug asks what did I do? Yadav says I was sure that you will come back, but you have surprised me. He says he came to get 434 Rs. from Palekars as he needed money for his son, and got killed. Yug asks what happened that night? A FB is shown, Yadav comes to the Palekar Mansion and see them lying dead. He is also gets shot and dies. FB ends. Yadav says may be I can get mukti and I can take revenge from Peter with your help. Yug says Suraj has promised me that he will not do anything to Peter, and says he should be given chance to tell his heart out. Suraj tells Dadi that he is in confusion, and tells about the promise which he made to Yug. Dadi asks do you want to

break your promise? Suraj says don’t know what to do? I have promised that I will not harm Peter. He says we will get mukti after killing him. Dadi asks will you break promise made to Yug. Suraj asks are you talking like Radha? Dadi says she is having her own thought and says Yug is a first person who has trusted and helped us. Suraj says what about us, and plans to kill him tomorrow itself.

Yadav asks Ishaan to be happy as peter is coming. Ishaan says he is coming, but what to do? Yadav asks him not to worry and says we all will get mukti. Ishaan says everyone will get mukti except one, and says I will not get mukti…….Yadav asks what you are saying? Radha hears them. Ishaan tells that book is the owner of his soul and he will not get mukti. Radha gets shocked.

Dadi asks him not to do that. Suraj refuses and says he will break his promise. Yug says it is about my promise to Peter also. Radha comes and tells that we will not kill Peter. She says Ishaan will not get mukti….Suraj asks what do you mean? Ishaan says I have lost my soul to the book. Everyone is shocked.

Sophia comes to Peter and asks can I come in? Peter smiles. Sophia comes and hugs him. Peter says I am tensed since few days, and have shouted on you. Sophia says it is okay and says I know something was bothering you. Peter says now I think that everything will be fine. Sophia says whenever you need me, I will help you. Peter says my daughter has grown up and talks about helping me. Sophia says I will be always with you, and asks him to promise that he will never leave her. Peter promises. Sophia cries and says I can’t live without you. Peter says even I can’t live without you. Sophia asks him to come for a walk and have icecream. Peter agrees.

Radha tells that Ishaan has given his soul to the book to enter human’s body. Suraj says you have hidden this truth from us. Ishaan apologizes and says I was blinded by the revenge. He says I thought I will kill Peter when being in Yug’s body. Yug realizes that Ishaan possessed his body and asks if he was the one who was controlling him that day. Everyone get shocked. Ishaan apologizes and says I have realized my mistake. Suraj says you have realized what you have done with Yug, but didn’t realize what you have done with yourself? Ishaan says I was fed up of staying here. He asks everyone to kill Peter and get mukti, don’t worry about him. Radha says no and cries.

Suraj tells Yug to call Peter here and says he want to hear his side of story. He says I don’t want mukti without Ishaan. Dadi says Ishaan has done this for us. Veronica wakes up in night and goes somewhere. A man is showing playing cards. He says he wasn’t eager to win first.

Peter gets ready to go to Palekar Mansion. Suraj tells Yug that he doesn’t think that Peter will come. The man tells Veronica that Peter knows all his dark secrets and asks if she knows what to do now?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Aaj k episode or precap ko dekh kr main bhut confused hun kuch samjg nhi aaaya h??

  2. I love dis shw..its diff dan othrs… I guess peter is nt the killer he was jst used… Hate dat veronica

  3. Oh my god This show is really interesting now, I watch this show after BB and IKRS
    I think Yadav saw the actual face of the murderer and assumed him as Peter which is actually Mr.K(not sure)
    And feeling bad for Ishan he lost his soul due to his foolishness

    1. Which show is BB ??

  4. Acha hai nw its getting evn more intresting buh i m missing yug n sophias scenes dey look so cute together hope she soon falls for him

    1. I also like Yugphia a lot

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