Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 17th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 17th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Radha coming back to her family and asks who has blown the candle. Suraj says I know who is doing this, and asks them to follow him. He calls Yadav and asks why did you blow the candle again and again. Yadav says I teases you to make you remember me. He says I didn’t get the money, but became ghost because of you. My life is finished. Suraj says we were dead too. Yadav says you all are a family, but I have no one from my family. You people don’t care about me. Dadi says we are trapped in this house like you. We can’t cross this house. Yadav says his Aatma needs mukti. Radha says they need Mukti, but this house don’t let us go. Yadav says someone can help us from outside. Suraj asks him to find out. Ria says we can’t go out. Yadav says you people

make the strangers leave, and says I will see how you force Yug to leave. Dadi says she will reply to him.

Veronica calls Nancy and asks about her Shawl. Nancy is shocked and says……Veronica says don’t tell me that Sophia donated my shawl. She asks her to call Sophia. Nancy says she is not at home. Veronica says ask her to meet me after coming home. Peter comes and asks what happened? Veronica says Sophia has donated her shawl.

Yug comes to meet Jaggu Dada and Johny. They touch her to make themselves believe that Yug is alive. They tell that they came to Palekar Mansion to meet him and saw ghost instead holding a candle. Yug laughs and asks if they were drunk. He says there is nothing in the house and he has checked everywhere. Sophia and her friend come to the restaurant. Avni says we should have brought Annie also. Sophia says she got the call. They order Prawn garlic. Manager asks Yug to serve it. Yug gets happy seeing Sophia and imagines song De De De De Sahiba…….Manager scolds Yug for putting extra prawn in customer’s plate, and says he will cut money from his salary.

Ria comes to Yadav and tells I saw your elder son. He is blessed with a son. Yadav asks how is my daughter? Radha comes and asks her to come. Yadav asks why she is taking her daughter and asks if Latika got married. Radha says Latika didn’t marry again and keeps fast for your soul’s peace. Yadav starts crying badly. Ria tells Latika got married. Radha says Yadav’s anger is justified. He died because of us as he was the only witness to our death. Ria says not death, but we were murdered and Yadav was the only eye witness. Yadav continues to cry.

Sophia gets a call and goes out holding coffee mug. Manager asks Yug to bring coffee mug. Yug goes and couldn’t say anything. Sophia asks what? She disconnects the call and says I saw you somewhere before. Sahiba song plays………….

Dadi asks Suraj to scare Yug. Suraj makes plan to scare him. Yug sees Suraj and says hello. Suraj gets scared. Yug asks him not to be scared.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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