Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 17th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 17th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ria telling Dadi that she heard Ishaan and Yadav talking and says Yug doesn’t believe them anymore now. Dadi says Yadav has gone blinded by the revenge, and says Radha is right. She says Yug felt that we have taken advantage of him. She says he will surely return as he has a very big heart. Peter comes to Palekar Mansion and says I want to tell what has happened that night. Suraj says we don’t want to hear you and says we are thankful to Yug for bringing you here. He throws powerful rays on Peter, and stops Yug with his powers. He says we are dying since 25 years. Suraj kills him. Sophia comes running and cries seeing Peter dead. She blames Yug for killing her dad and says she will never forgive him. It turns out to be Yug’s imagination. Yug thinks

if I am doing right and thinks to tell truth to Peter. He says am I ready to hear the truth myself. He says if Peter is really a murderer then what will happen?

Peter comes and asks why did you call me here? Yug says I know everything which was happened 25 years ago, and Suraj Palekar told me himself. Peter asks if Suraj talked to you. Yug says he told me his side and asks Peter to tell his story. Peter is shocked and asks did Suraj really speak to you. Yug takes everyone’s names and says they are like his family, and he can see him like he is seeing him. Peter says do you really talk, see Palekar’s. Yug cries and says yes…..and tells that they told me that Bustura’s beautiful bridge was going to made, and you and your goons killed them. Peter says do you think that I can kill them. Yug cries and says Suraj saw your face before his death. Peter says this is not truth and says Suraj thought that I had killed them.

Yug says Ria and Ishaan used to call you Chacha, and you used to fulfill all their wishes, then why did you betray them. Peter asks them to stop it. Peter cries and says this is not truth. They think me wrong. Yug says so you was not there. Peter says I was there, but whatever your eyes see is not true. He says time has come to tell the truth and says says Suraj needs to know the truth first. Peter says I will tell them everything, and says he got all the relations in that family and says he tried to save them but couldn’t. He says I couldn’t stay because of the guilt. Yug says you can’t go today, as they think you are their murderer. He says I will talk to them, and you can come tomorrow morning and tell them. Peter says okay. Veronica hears him and says I won’t let you do a big mistake.

Suraj tells Radha that Yug doesn’t believe him. Radha says I am shocked to know your thinking about Yug. She says Yug feels betrayed as we have betrayed them. She says Yug loves us very much. Suraj says Yug might have told Peter everything by now. Yug says yes, and says Peter shall be given chance to prove his innocence. Suraj says shall we give chance to them. Yug says Peter cried hearing about them, and says Peter said time has come to tell truth. Suraj says you have believed on Peter. Yug says Peter wanted to come here now itself, but I asked him to come tomorrow after I speak to you all. He asks them to promise him to let Peter speak his heart out and they will not attack him. Suraj nods.

Veronica calls someone and says Peter want to confess everything to the ghost family, and says they will be affected if truth comes out. She says they have to do something, and says they have to do something to Peter too. Peter enters the room. Veronica gets shocked. Peter says your phone felt down, and asks what she was saying about him. Veronica says she was talking to Yoga’s teacher about him. Peter says everything will be fine tomorrow. Veronica asks what do you want to do? Peter says I will tell you, but before that I have to tell them. Everything will be fine. Veronica says you have become danger to us, and we have to get rid of you.

Suraj tells Dadi that he will kill Peter and break the promise made to Yug. Yug hears her. The man who has been talking to Veronica is revealed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Waiting for tomorrow’s episode.OMG. Suraj please don’t break Yug Bhaia’s heart 🙁 Sophia didi is such a good friend to Yug bhaia.
    I don’t know why the males of the Palekar mansions are not understanding Yug’s feelings. Didn’t expect it from Suraj.
    Finally the mystery man is gonna be revealed.

  2. Nice episode….
    But plz let Peter say his side..
    I think Peter is not the murder and its final by seeing today’s his verdict k vo sbko bachna chahta tha but bacha nhi saka or sath me k vo pura sacch btayega…
    I think Veronica and Mr K is real culprit in murdering paleker people and I think Peter had look alike brother who may b the murder or some mask is used of peter… but peter is definately not the muder…
    I hope what I am thinking is the truth..

    1. But if that’s the case why is Peter D Cousta so scared of the Palekar Family
      But I would give thumbs up for ZABHMG which is one of the few Hindi shows that never drags. This shows deserves more promotions

    2. May be usse dara rakha ho uss veronica and uss Mr. K ne k ussi ne murder kiya h…
      Let us see and watch…
      Vaise b faltu k shows s to accha hi h… or jayda drag nhi hota h…
      But agr end ho gya to dukh bhut hoga..

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