Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 16th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 16th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dadi telling that they will scare Yug and make him leave their house. Ria says let him stay for some more days. Ishaan says he don’t have time for waste work. Dadi says she will get peace when he leaves. Radha says he is cleaning the house and that too with free. Radha and Dadi argue. Dadi asks Suraj to listen to her arguments. Radha says my mummy taught me to respect elders. Ria asks why she is taking Nani’s name. Radha says I will kill you for sure. She asks God to do something and says she will die again. Dadi says she also wants to die again and asks to give idea. Suraj tells they have forgetton that I do forget. He rues to make Yug leave Palekar Mansion. Yug keeps his stuff in the almari without getting scared.

Suraj tries to scare him

and says he was not visible to him. Yug tries to cover bedsheet on the bed and it falls on Suraj. He gets scared instead. Yug wonders how the bedsheet fell on ground. Dadi says she will scare Yug today. Yug sleeps on bed. Sophia cries thinking about Veronica’s remarks on her mum’s scarf. Peter comes and says will you be make friendship with me, asks what happened? He asks are you missing mum? Sophia asks him to leave her alone. Peter asks how can I leave you alone and asks what happened? Don’t you trust me? Sophia says Veronica……Peter asks her not to take mom’s name. Sophia tells she is not my mom…..She asked me to throw my mum’s scarf. She is like ……Peter says sometimes Veronica speaks like that, but didn’t want to hurt you overall. Sophia says Veronica hates me and will never forgive me. I am not worth for her forgiveness.

Johny and Jaggu Dada talk about Yug. Johny says he is worried about Yug and thinks he will settle down there. Jaggu Dada says he is very daring guy. Johny says we shall meet him now. Jaggu Dada refuses. Johny insists and says when Yug can stay there, can’t we go there.

Kahin Deep Jale Kahin Deep song plays while Dadi comes to scare Yug while he is fast asleep. She thinks why her shaktis are not working. She tries to scare Yug and forwards her long tongue. Yug wakes up and thinks he heard song voice. Dadi asks who has blown my candle? Radha says why we would do that? Dadi says Yug has woken up and was about to faint. Radha asks her to try again and make him scared. Dadi says I will make his chutni and sings song holding the candle. Jaggu Dada and Johny come to the Palekar house. Jaggu Dada try to leave. Johny says why can’t you come for a friend. Jaggu Dada boasts about himself. He goes inside and sees ghost holding a candle while singing song. Johny gets shocked too. They shout ghost and runs away.

Again the candle is blown away. Dadi asks who did this? Suraj and Radha say that they didn’t do. Dadi says how he will get scared now. Everyone think Ria did this. Ria nods no. Dadi says Ria shows sympathy towards that guy. Ria says I like him, but want him to leave. Radha says she will try once. Dadi says idea is not that bad and jokes. Radha goes to scare Yug in witch get up. Dadi says she don’t have actresses charm. Radha is about to move, when someone keeps feet on her saree pallu making her stumble. Radha sees Yug sleeping.

Ria tells she is scared as someone is scaring us. Radha says he was the only eye witness to our death. Ria says not death, but murder.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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