Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 16th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 16th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Yadav asking Dadi not to cry for her husband, and says he was double faced guy. Dadi says our marriage lasted for 25 years. Yadav says he was putting mud in your eyes, and says you used to give tiffin to him with love. Dadi reminiscence giving him tiffin. Yadav tells her that her husband used to throw tiffin in dustbin and buy fish from the near by shop. He says he used to drink wine near the lake with his friends. Suraj comes and hears them. Yadav says one day Suraj was blamed for doing accident, but it was he who was responsible for it. He says even he lost Radha’s bangles in gambling. Dadi asks why you didn’t tell me before. Yadav says I couldn’t tell you looking at your emotions. Radha says he was really a double faced guy. Dadi says he was really

bad. Yadav says it will be fun now.

Sophia is driving car again and talking to her dream guy. He tells her directions of the place and says I will be right infront of you. He waits Palekar Mansion, and says you spoilt brat….come and meet your prince charming. He says I don’t only have affair with married girl only, and says I will ruin you. He sees a woman (Ria) walking and thinks Sophia has reached inside. He thinks to run away and then thinks he will meet wild cat here to take revenge. He goes inside Palekar Mansion. He gets inside the house and calls for Sophia. Yug searches for his wallet in the cupboard and thinks Johny might be waiting for me. He hears Ben calling Sophia, but then sees no one. He comes downstairs and thinks he might have forgetton purse in kitchen. He goes to kitchen and searches for purse there. Ben thinks even God can’t save you from me, and I will take revenge. Yadav hears him and thinks revenge with whom?

Dadi cuts her husband’s jacket angrily. Suraj comes and break his chess board. He says he was characterless old man. Dadi says dirty old man. Suraj says I will burn all his books. Radha says I will break sasur ji’s watch. Dadi says I will kick his watch. Yadav comes and tells them that a guy entered their house, and told about revenge. They get shocked. Radha says how can we keep quiet if anyone tries to kill us again. They think to teach him a lesson.

Sophia’s friend comes and asks Amy. Amy says she went out. Her friend tells her that Ben is taking revenge from her and sending letters indisguise of her prince charming. Amy says Sophia has promised me that she will write about the meeting place in the letter. She says I will make his chutni.

Sophia comes to Palekar Mansion and says my prince charming has called me here. She thinks he understands me so much. Yug opens the gate and comes out. Sophia sees him and asks you? Ria and Ishaan looks at them. Sophia asks you are here? Yug says so where. He asks why did you come here? Sophia says I came as you called me. She says your face is innocent. She scolds him for refusing to accept boy as his son, and coming to her house as gardener and then driver. He asks what did I do? Sophia asks how dare you to act my prince charming? You are a big betrayal, thief etc. Yug is shocked and asks her to let him speak. Sophia says you are acting to be sad now. Yug says old honest people’s heart is hurt in this world. Sophia asks him to have shame. Ria gets angry for hurting her Yug. Ishaan says why Yug is silent? He might be at mistake. Ria says Yug is innocent. Sophia recalls Yug following him before and asks did he see her throwing bottle in sea. Yug says I saw, but don’t know why.

Ria tells him that Yug loves her, and asks him to look at his expressions. Ishaan says you have become love guru. Ria says this girl is breaking Yug’s heart and says she wants to slap her hard. They hear noise and vanishes. Sophia says how did you enquire about me, and says you have conspired against me. Yug is shocked. Sophia says didn’t you conspired against me, yes or no. Yug nods no. Sophia calls him evil fisher man and says you are lucky as I didn’t send you to jail. She says I am firing you from job right now, and says third class guy can’t be my driver. I thought you are funny, joyful, but I was wrong. You plays with people’s emotions, and that too for whom, who helped you at the time of need. I will never forgive you. She goes. Yug is shocked and hurt.

Yug thinks I haven’t done anything and need to talk to Sophia. Sophia cries and throws all the bottles. Ria in disguise of a witch bride comes infront of Ben and slaps him hard. They slap Ben and beats him up one by one.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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