Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 16th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 16th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Yug saying you are ghost family of Palekar Mansion. He says there is one dadi, maa, papa and their family. He asks Dadi. Radha says she is missing Dada and is in her room. She feeds him gulab jamun. Yug asks Yadav, if he is also part of the family. Yadav says he is just a milkman and is about to tell about his murder. Just then Ria stops him and says they will hear his story later. Sophia comes there and sees the rangoli. She comes inside and greets hi to Yug. Yug is shocked and the food bite falls from his hand. Amy and Peter burn cracker. They tell that Sophia wants safe Diwali without crackers. Peter’s leg gets stuck in crackers. Peter shouts. Veronica asks to bring water and blows off the crackers. Peter asks where is Sophia? Veronica says she

went to Palekar Mansion? Peter says it is limit now, and says she went again. He says he will end the matter for all. He calls fernandes and asks for marriage proposal for Sophia.

Yug asks Ria to vanish. Ria says we can decide who can see us or not. Sophia sees a variety of dishes and asks if he cooked all. She tastes gulab jamun. She says she will sit and have food. She is about to sit, but Yug stops her and Ishaan is sitting there. He asks her to sit on sofa. Radha tells Ria that they shall do something for the love story to begin. She makes Sophia fall in Yug arms. Suraj says Sophia came to Palekar Mansion herself. Radha says we have decided to help Yug. Suraj says Peter can come here for Sophia. Radha says if he wants to kidnap Sophia. Ishaan says he agrees with Suraj. Ria tells Yug that they are made for each other. Sophia asks can I use your washroom? Yug says yes and offers to take her. Sophia says she will go and see.

Sophia walks up on the stairs. Suraj recalls their murder and pushes Sophia from the stairs. Sophia gets injured and the blood comes out from her head. Radha asks Suraj, what did you do? Suraj says Peter De Costa had killed us and let him also feel what we have been feeling since 25 years. Yug looks angrily. It was just suraj’s imagination. Sophia goes to washroom. Radha comes and asks Suraj not to let any bad thought come in his mind. Suraj says he wants to take revenge for all of them. Radha says we were killed by him, but it is unfair to kill his innocent daughter. Yadav tells Ishaan that once Yug goes from here, we will again rot in this place. ishaan says we will have to do something. Sophia thinks she haven’t come from the same place.

Just then electricity goes off. She hears cat’s voice and wonders from where it is coming? She comes to room and the door gets locked. She calls for Yug. She sees Ishaan and Yadav in ghost avatar, and shouts asking for help. Ria tells Yug that Sophia likes you. Yug doesn’t agree. Ria says why did she come then. Yug says she came as she wants to see Palekar Mansion. Ria says she came here for you as she likes you. Yug says you are my sister and thinks I am suitable for her. He says I am her driver only. He looks for Sophia. Sophia knocks on the door. Yadav asks Ishaan what to do now. Yug hears Sophia’s voice asking him to open the door. He opens the door. Sophia hugs him. Yug is stunned.

Suraj tells that he will talk to Sophia with the same language like Peter. He tries to go towards her, but Ria and Radha stops him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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