Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 16th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 16th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Yug opening the shop. Johny and Jaggu Dada come there. Johny says where is Peter Sir, and says he has really helped you a lot. Yug recalls the recent happening and says Peter will not come. Sophia comes in a traditional saree and gives him bouquet. Yug smiles and takes it from her. He does the aarti of God and recalls Suraj’s words. Sophia insists to break coconut…..Jaggu Dada says you can do anything. She breaks the coconut. Everyone of them dance happily while the song De De Sahiba plays………..Sophia sings Jhoot Bole Kawwa Kaate……….Yug also sings song with her.

Veronica asks Peter if he has not gone to Yug’s shop inauguration. Peter is angry and says he is here….Veronica says she don’t like him, but he saved Sophia twice.

She asks if Yug said something on that night and asks him to tell. Peter says nothing. Veronica says you have never make anyone let down and says there is something serious. She thinks to keep an eye on him. Johny says Peter sir didn’t come till now and Mahurat is going. Yug says I don’t think that he will come. Just then Peter comes in his car with Veronica. Yug is shocked to see him and recalls Suraj’s words. He greets them. Peter cuts the ribbon and does the inauguration of the shop. Johny asks him to sit. Peter and Veronica sit on the chair. Johny asks Veronica to taste the fish which the women have made. Peter asks her to taste it. The people there thank Peter for helping them. Yug thinks of Peter’s words that Peter is wearing a mask of goodness to hide his evil side.

Yadav tells Ishaan that Yug will not return and will not help us. Ishaan says I don’t care. Radha asks him to stop filling ishaan’s ears, and says my eyes are on you. She says Yug will return for surely…..Yadav says you trust him so much…and says I told you not to tell her truth. Radha says he has the right to know the truth. Yadav says Yug doesn’t believe that peter is our killer. Radha says he will accept one day. Yadav says Yug might warn Peter and Peter might find a way to be saved. Radha says Yug will return as they are his family.

She says it is good that he knows the truth, if he helps us then he will help from his heart. He will return as we are his family and will not leave us alone. Yug thinks about Suraj’s words as it echoes in his ears. Sophia is hidden from Peter. Yug says you shouldn’t have come here, and should listen to your Papa. Sophia says but I have to come for you. Yug says I felt good as you came and compliments her beauty. Sophia thanks him and says she brought a gift for him. Yug looks at the smoking pipe and says he don’t smoke. Sophia asks him to try, and bubbles come out from it. Sophia prays for immense happiness for him. Yug thinks Sophia’s smile will vanish if I agree to Suraj’s sayings. He says I should talk to Peter and know his side his story. He messages Peter that he want to meet him near sea within 10 mins.

Yug tells Peter that Suraj Palekar told him everything and asks Peter to tell his side of truth.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I really want to see Peter d cousta’s reaction when Yug says that Suraj Palekar has told him everything. Uff nowadays more than Ishan this dudwala Yadav is more irritating why is he filling Ishan’s ear for no reason? I think he sold his brains to Ishan too like selling milks 😛

  2. So true….
    Iski k wajha s to yug ko sopiha ko propse krne s phele sari sachai pta chal gyi…
    Inshan is sooo kaan ka kaccha…
    Or agr peter ka sach sbke samne aa jayega to sophia yug s alg ho jayegi and palekar people yug se…
    Or agr peter ka sach abhi s bahr aa gya to show end hone k possiblity b badd jayegi…
    Plz acche show ko itni jaldi end mat kro….

    1. fatarajo(joyee)

      I also don’t want this show to end. I m so surprised that this show is getting very less trps and also very poor online ratings. There are shows, which do have poor trp but good online ratings and vice versa, but this show doesn’t have any so sad, I wonder what Indian audience really wants. Its one of my favorite show currentlyits much better than sasural simar ka and yeh hai mohabbatein .

      1. its mine favourite too joyee …
        it was different show bt still less trps

      2. Meghs u know the trp of show is only 0.4 I feel like removing the point, this show deserves much better than some of the overrated shows

    2. Jis hisab se show me itni jaldi sach samne aane lga hai I am afraid k show jaldi katam na ho jaaye…..

  3. i love dis serial so much……dnt end dis plzzzzzzzz…….nothing is good to watch on tv expect some serials including dis

    1. fatarajo(joyee)

      Ya u r correct joya

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