Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 15th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 15th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Yug coming to the room to see it being curious. He sees a moving chandelier and runs out of room. He thinks this room is scary and thinks to take other room for staying. He looks at the house and says there are so many books here. He climbs the stairs and sees the room. He thinks it is not strange, just then wardrobe door opens. He gets scared and looks inside it. He thinks he will stay in this room. Dadi gets angry. Sophia and her friend come out in the car. Sophia says it is a beautiful day, why to ruin it. She sees some other car overtaking their car. She says she will show them fast driving and drives speedy. Her friend starts praying for her life.

Johny asks Yug, if he continue to stay in Palekar Mansion. Yug says he is staying there and

it is not scary. He says he made omelette today. Johny is shocked. Yug says may be ghost scares people on 26th day. Johny says that foreigner went to America after getting scared by ghosts. Yug says we have to set up our business, and then only can marry Sophia. Johny laughs. Yug says everything will be set in some days and then I will tell her I love you. Johny asks how you will say that, as you can’t speak infront of her. He sees Sophia’s car coming and gets happy. Johny tells I really admire your love. Dirty water falls on Yug because of Sophia’s car. Johny laughs on him. Yug looks at the dirty water. Johny says Sophia said I love you in her style. Sophia drives fast and overtakes the car finally. She gets happy. Her friend gets down the car and vomits. Sophia makes her drink water and promises to drive slow next time. She says I have won, and asks her to come.

Nancy and other servant look at Veronia talking with a designer and laughing. Peter comes and asks them to work. He comes and asks the designer to sit on sofa. Veronica asks him to relax. She takes out his pen. Peter asks them to continue from far and leaves. He goes out of room and sees Veronica and designer sitting close again. He comes to room and tries to make them sit apart. He asks for her laptop and asks designer to sit at the other sofa. Nancy laughs. Veronica says this laptop is off. Peter says he will switch it off. Veronica laughs and says I love you. Peter says I love you too.

All the ghost family look at the veggies while Suraj looks at the eggs. Dadi says he has entered my kitchen. Suraj says he made delicious omelette. Radha says Yug cleaned the kitchen after cooking omelette. Dadi says which you didn’t do in your life.

Yug comes to Palekar Mansion in the night after a tiring work and sneezes. Dadi looks at his baggage and sees him going to her room. She says he will occupy my room now and calls for Suraj, Ishaan etc. Yug looks at the room and thinks this is good.

Charity Foundation come and take the clothes and stuff. They say De Costa family is so generous. Sophia comes and says she needs to add some more stuff and asks Meena to keep her new dresses also in the box. Nancy and Meena tell that it was all new. She keeps shawl also. She thinks about Veronica asking her to donate her mum’s scarf. She wears the scarf and smiles.

Dadi tells how dare he occupied my room. Radha says he tried to get our house. Ria smiles. Suraj says it is matter of our Palekar Mansion. Nobody can stay here. Dadi says lets show him what can we do. Ishaan says I will show him. Suraj says we will make him run from here.

Yug tries to covers bed with bedsheet, but the bedsheet falls on him. Dadi scares Yug with her witch look.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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