Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 15th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 15th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Yug wearing the shirt and sees buttons missing. He thinks where did all the buttons go. He irons other shirt, but then thinks he has to wear driver dress today. He gets ready and says Sophia….I am coming. Ria makes him fall on floor. Yug thinks how could he fall? He says I am coming Sophia and falls again. He wonders how did I fall again, and thinks love is blind……He leaves. Ria smiles holding his wallet. Sophia is happy and looks for her dresses. Amy comes and she dances with her. Amy asks her to control her emotions. Sophia says I am getting my prince charming today. She says she called him for a meeting in the afternoon, so she won’t land up in any trouble. Amy says I will also come. Sophia says I will write the address before going.


in a driver’s uniform waits outside Peter’s home with Sophia’s car. Sophia comes out and asks Yug, why you are here? She says you are my new driver right? She thinks I have to take him today, and thinks to go alone. Yug opens the door for her to sit and starts imagining. He sits in the car. Sophia takes the car keys and says you are not needed today, so you can go. Yug asks why? Sophia says as I told you. He gets down the car. Sophia sits on the driver’s seat and asks him to come tomorrow. Yug smiles. He thinks it is okay.

Dadi reads the letter and cries. Radha appears and asks what happened? Is everything fine? Dadi cries and says she never thought that she has to see this day. She gives her letter. Radha says hand writing is of sasur ji. She reads the love letter and says he was so romantic. Dadi says these letters are not for me, may be she was a naagin.

Radha is surprised and says you mean Sasur ji was having an affair. Dadi says I am betrayed. Radha says he might have gone to hell.

Sophia reaches lovers point and thinks finally she will meet her prince charming. She sees flowers petals on the ground and steps on it thinking her prince charming has done special arrangements for her. She then sees no one, and sees a decorative boat. Yug is walking on road and says just 1 day to go. Johny asks why he didn’t go today? Yug says Sophia asks him to come tomorrow, and says his love story will start tomorrow. Johny says we shall party in advance. Yug says you are saying right. He checks the wallet and sees it missing. He tells he will bring his wallet and be back.

Dadi cries nonstop. Suraj asks her to forget it and wipes the tears. Dadi curses her dead husband and her girlfriend. Suraj says she might be dead. Dadi asks how did you know? He says Radha has estimated. Dadi cries again and says they might be together in hell. She calls Ria and says you are lucky as you were not married.

Sophia reads the notes left by him asking her to search. She gets a phone and says I found you. She picks the call and says hello. The person on call asks her to drive car till 2 kms. Sophia asks wil you make me forget the way..

Ben thinks to take revenge on Sophia. Sophia reaches Palekar Mansion and thinks my prince charming called me here. She opens the gate and sees Yug coming out of Palekar mansion.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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