Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 15th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 15th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Yug downloading the messages, contacts etc from Keith’s phone and hugs Johny before leaving. Jaggu keeps the phone in Johny’s pocket and leaves. Keith comes and is about to talk about his phone, but just then Johny returns his phone and tells that he has identified him of the smell which he is coming from the mobile. Keith leaves. Yug comes and asks Johny to come. Sophia thinks about Veronica and Gardener’s words and gets doubtful on Yug. Amy asks how can she doubt on Yug. Sophia says she is forced to as Yug have brought Palekar Mansion and haven’t informed me. The ghost family see the burnt things and cry. Suraj says I will ask Yug to bring all the stuff. Dadi says everything is waste after death, and we shouldn’t be attached to anything. Ria

says your rocking chair is half burnt. Dadi says oh my chair….everyone laugh.

Sophia’s friend Avni come to meet her and says she is very happy knowing about Yug. She says I have seen him just now 15 mins back in hotel shiraz. Sophia wonders why did he lie to me if he was in that hotel. Yug, Johny and Jaggu Dada see the I love you, I miss you messages between Veronica and Keith. Yug says he needs to find out why did Keith lie to him. He looks at a phone number Keith have called many times and thinks to find out.

Sophia comes to Veronica and says I want to talk to you about something. Veronica says offcourse. Sophia says Did Dad talk to you about Yug? Veronica says I thought not to tell you this as our relation is not good. She says truth is very bitter. When I heard this news, I was more shocked. Sophia asks her to tell. Veronica says okay and shows the pendrive saying she got it few days back. She says I can play it and show you. Sophia says yes. Veronica puts it in her laptop. Sophia is shocked to see the video footage in which Yug is trying to kill Peter and showed the knife. Veronica says I don’t know why Yug did this Peter, and says I wonder if Yug is behind Peter’s murder. She says Peter was going to meet Yug on that day before his death.

Radha and Dadi hears Yadav crying. Yadav tells them that Latika’s photo is burnt in the fire. Ria says atleast you have her memories. She asks if he saw that film. Yadav says he loves his wife very much and keeps the ashes in the glass. Radha says you can’t drink. Yadav pours the burnt photo ashes on him and smiles. Keith comes and asks veronica what she is doing? He asks her to win Sophia’s trust. Veronica says I have won her trust and she trusts me more than him. Keith says I told you to let them meet and get closer. I have to know what Yug is planning, but you have separated them. Veronica says they both are extra smart and they will understand everything if they are together. It is better if they break up. She says she knows Sophia well, and she loves Peter, if she doubts on Yug then she will break up with him. Sophia comes to conclusion that Yug have killed Peter and cries,

Sophia comes to Palekar Mansion and slaps Yug. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ghost family scenes were so funny today , I just love this ghost family a lot, and Sophia slaps Yug :O now only ghost family can clear misunderstandings between Yugphia please reveal yourselves to Sophia ghost family Yug did so much for u all he at least deserve this na? I think the first ghost to do so maybe Ishan as he was the one who threatened Peter by possessing Yug. I hope that happens.
    and as for the new show promo it seems to be an interesting show but Zindagi Abhi Baki Hain Mera Ghost I just love this show a lot, so the new show will take time for me to like it

    1. Shraddha Sharma

      What is the new show promo???
      Mujge kuch samjg nhi aaya ??

    2. Shraddha Sharma

      Jo apne likha hai, kyu k maine aisa koi promo nhi dekha h life ok pr..

      1. The show’s name is rajnikant something

      2. Shraddha Sharma

        Haan uska promo 15 jan ko dikhaya tha…

    3. Which new show

      1. Shraddha Sharma

        Hamari Bahu Ranikanth

  2. Shraddha Sharma

    Nice secens of ghosts….
    But is sophia mindless, jo bina soche samjge apni step mom ki baaton me aati jaa rehi hai and precap me yug ko maregi, i hope ghosts sophia ke bhi samne aa jaye or usko sach bta de….

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