Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 14th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 14th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Annie shouting as her hairs extensions catches fire. Sophia throws chilled water on her head and laughs. Annie cries. Yug sees Sophia laughing and gets happy. He imagines dancing and singing with her on the song Prem Ki Naiyya Hai Ram Ke Bharose…………….Other waiter asks why you are smiling. Yug says he can do anything for Sophia’s happiness. Ishaan looks at the magazine poster and says she is hot. Ria comes and says she saw her today. Ishaan says he is not interested. Ria says it is about your ex girlfriend Simran. Ishaan asks her to tell. Ria tells Simran’s son have grown of your age, and she kept her grand son name Ishaan. Ishaan gets happy and says no one can forget him. Ria says hot news is that her sasur name is also Ishaan. Ishaan runs

after her.

Dadi takes off Yug’s blanket while he is sleeping. Ria covers blanket on him again, and says he is helpless and is thunderstorm striken victim. Dadi says she is teasing him. She opens her buttons. Ria says you made made him half naked. Yug wakes up from sleep. Ria and Dadi vanishes from the place. Yug sleeps again.

Annie comes to Peter and says her 20 years have gone. Peter says everyone will say that young man is going with his young wife, when he will go to the market with this tie. He says people will say that young man is going with his old wife. Annie says Sophia has burnt my extensions. Peter says it is good. Sophia comes and says she saved her hairs. Annie says she has an eye on her hairs. Sophia says just her extensions were burnt. Annie runs after her to cut her hairs and cuts Peter’s tie instead.

Ria tells Dadi that we will do a good time pass and asks her to say some story. Dadi tells about independence day story. She says she is proud that she took part in the independence too. She says my dream remained a dream. Ria says atleast you got married, but I didn’t get marry. I used to see everyone getting married. Dadi says shall I make you laugh again. Ria smiles.

Yug wakes up and thinks he couldn’t sleep in the floor as his back is paining. He says it is a beautiful day. I don’t know why people get afraid of Palekar Mansion. I got shelter here. I will see this full house today. He opens the window and the light falls on his falls. Sophia also wakes up with the sunlight rays. She calls Nancy and says I got up because of sun. Nancy says how can I stop it and apologizes. She gets manager’s call. He apologizes to her and offers free lunch. Sophia smiles and asks Nancy to bring coffee. She recalls seeing Yug before and wonders where she has seen him before.

Suraj asks Radha, what she is going to make for him. Radha says even if I make, you can’t eat. Yug comes to the kitchen. Radha sees rate on tea box and says it has increased or may be tea makers have been fooling him. Yug sees the box falls on the table again. He thinks to make omelette. Suraj asks Radha to make omelette. Radha says Doctor adviced you against eating it. Suraj says you are so cute and take care of me. I would have fed you omelette as we are dead. Suraj cries. Radha catches his tears. She says we can’t touch each other and cry keeping our head on each other’s shoulder. Suraj catches her tears and says atleast we are together. Radha says yes. Yug makes an omelette and eats it too. Suraj thinks he can’t eat.

Yug sees the rooms and finds strange things happenings. Dadi says this guy has entered my kitchen. Suraj holds the eggs and thinks about Yug’s omelette.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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