Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 14th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 14th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Peter coming to the Police station and asks the constable to free Yug. Sophia apologizes to him. Peter asks her to apologize to Yug. Sophia apologizes to him. Yug says small mistakes do happen with big people. Sophia asks who asked you to hire driver for me. They argue. Dadi thinks where is Radha? She sees Radha’s doing fashion show in the saree gifted by her, and smiles. Radha apologizes to her. Dadi thinks of the time when she brought the sarees. Radha unwillingly wears all the sarees. Dadi says it is enough. Radha says I am tired of changing sarees and apologizes again. Dadi says you was right. Radha is surprised. Dadi says if you would have worn it, then my nose would have been cut in Bustura. Radha gets happy.

Peter tells Sophia that he

don’t want any arguments, and says you have kept an innocent man in jail. He says you are not responsible, and says you will not drive again. He says I get tensed whenever you drives car, and I couldn’t sleep. Sophia hugs him as he gets emotional. Peter says he is your driver and will be. She gets Ben’s message asking her to meet at lover’s point. Peter takes the phone. Sophia agrees to let Yug be her driver.

Ishaan says I will perform today. Radha says you have hidden his talent, and are jealous of him. Ishaan says lets rock. He plays music on the keyboard. Dadi closes her ears. Yadav praises Ishaan and compliments him. Ishaan gets happy. Radha says you did well. Dadi says I couldn’t believe my ears. Suraj says I thought you useless, but you are big……..Ria apologizes for hiding his keyboard. Suraj says you did right. Yadav prays that he gets a son like him in his next birth. Ishaan thanks him and plays keyboard again. Yadav asks didn’t you like it. He asks if they know music. Suraj says I will die again, if he plays keyboard again. He asks who brought this suitcase outside. Yadav says he didn’t take it out. Dadi asks Ria to hide keyboard again. Suraj gets an idea and thinks of breaking it. He breaks the keyboard and makes it into pieces.

Ishaan comes back and sees the keyboard broken. Everyone makes sad faces. Ishaan asks how did it happen? Suraj says it had fallen on floor and broke into pieces. Ishaan motivates himself and says I got love of you all. I can play your grand piano now. Everyone is shocked. Suraj vanishes, followed by everyone. Yug moves the suitcase. Radha and Ria blame Yug for trouble in their life. Radga says she will not spare him. Ria says Dadi and Suraj will make Yug leave from this house. Radha says TV will go from here. They think to teach him a lesson. Ria says she will make his life hell with small teasings.

Yug irons his shirt and says he will look tip top today. He says my Sophia should stare me today and goes to freshen up. Ria hears him and is upto some plan.

Yug tells Johny that his love story will start tomorrow. Sophia asks Yug to go today and says he is not needed. Yug is shocked. Dadi tells that these letters are not for me. Radha says if sasur ji was having an affair.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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