Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 14th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 14th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Yug asking Ishaan if he is the one who sent messages to Peter from the phone which he gifted him. Ishaan refuses to tell anything. Yug says Peter is a humble man. Ishaan is angry. Suraj, Ria and Radha come there. Yug says Ishaan has sent threatening messages to Peter. Ishaan agrees to have sent messages to Peter. Yug says I am trapped big and says don’t know if I will be come out of this mess. He says I want to know what did Peter do with you all. Ishaan says Peter had killed all of us. Yug is shocked.

Sophia comes to Veronica’s room to give her purse, and sees her mobile ringing. She calls her name and tells that her phone is ringing. She picks the call and says hello…..The person doesn’t reply. Sophia says Mr. K’s

name flashing on the screen..Amy comes. Sophia says who is this Mr. K. Amy says if mum comes to know that you have touched her phpne then she will drown you in the river. Yug says Ishaan is lying and asks everyone to tell something. Everyone is silent. Yug says this means Ishaan is right, and Peter is responsible for your death. He says I don’t believe. Radha says truth will not change if you accept or not. She asks him to tell the truth. Suraj starts narrating their story, that he hired Peter as his assistant seeing his dedication. He says Peter showly became part of our family. One day he brought good news which was my dream. He told about the bridge in Bustura which was my dream. He says it took 5 years to convince govt to build the bridge. He says govt was giving 350 crores for the bridge Peter told me that some Minister is offering them half of the money if he agrees. Suraj says I refused and Peter threatened to kill me. Yug is shocked.

Veronica asks what you are doing here in my room. Sophia says I came to give your purse and asks about Mr. K. Veronica gets angry and asks her to mind her own business. Sophia says everyone is shouting in this house and have their secrets. Veronica asks which secrets? Sophia says nothing and tells about Peter. Veronica asks did you Papa tell you something? Sophia asks her to leave her hand and says he didn’t tell anything. She says everyone is hiding something or other from them, and she will find out.

Suraj tells Yug that he didn’t take Peter’s threat seriously, but then that inauspicious night came…..26 January…..A flashback is shown, Suraj and his family are enjoying. Just then door bell rings. Ishaan opens the door. Some masked goons push him. Suraj asks the ladies to go inside. He calls Peter and asks him for his help. Peter refuses to help him and laughs. The goon tells Suraj that Peter tried to make him understand, but he didn’t listen so they came to make him understand. Ishaan beats the goons. Suraj says Peter got everyone of us killed. The goons shot them. Yug gets teary eyes. Suraj tells him that Peter was standing right here with revolver in his hand…..

Suraj says four people were killed that day, your mum, aaji, sister, me, Ishaan and Yadav. Yug says there is surely a misunderstanding and tells Peter is a very kind, humble man. Suraj says he is fooling people and says we were murdered, but didn’t get mukti as your Peter is still alive. We will get mukti once he is killed. He says Peter has to come here to get killed and you will bring him here. Yug is shocked.

Yug says you want to kill Peter. Ishaan says you know him and loves his daughter. Yug points his finger to say something.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wow, fabulous episode now Yug got to know about Peter’s truth. Uff here also chabis January, I think there is a third angle in this murder, which may involve mr. K and Veronica
    And Dhruv raj as usual was fabulous with his acting the character of yug

    This is the most underrated show currently.

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