Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 13th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 13th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Peter informing Yug that Veronica is searching for him since morning and that’s why he is hiding since morning. Yug asks shall I leave? Peter asks why did you come? Yug says you called me here. Peter realizes something and says he has forgetton. He shows her car keys and says it is Sophia’s car keys. Yug gets happy and says good car needs good driver. Peter asks if he can drive good. Yug says I am a safe driver. Peter says you are her driver from today and gives car keys asking him to do servicing.

Radha massages Dadi’s back with a hand massager stick and tries to cheer her. Dadi is still angry with her for not wearing sarees given by her. Radha says Bustura people might had laughed at me. She says my mum gave you sarees, almonds and sweets.

They argue. Dadi taunts Radha’s mum. Radha asks her to forget and says we are dead now. Dadi says I didn’t like the things given by her and I told her clearly. Dadi says you didn’t like the things which I had gifted you. She says you have accused many people and we might be cursed by them.

Yug is driving the car and imagines Sophia sitting with him. He thinks his dream will be fulfilled and his Sophia will sit with him. Sophia reads the chat with his prince charming, and says yes. Yug dreams about Sophia. Sophia and the mystery man chat with each other and Sophia notices similarities between them. Yug thinks Sophia will understand his love. Sophia thinks she got her prince charming. Yug thinks to take car to service centre.

Ishaan is still angry with Ria and calls her liar. He says you have hidden my keyboard else my songs would be playing everywhere. Ria says we shall forget old hobbies too. Ishaan says I would have become big magician than Bappi Lahiri. He says you have stopped a big musician and runs after her. Ishaan says I can’t slap you even if I want. Ria says I have same problem too. Sophia writes that she have seen a dream that her prince charming will come and take her. She starts dancing with her laptop in her hand while the song is playing. Meena comes and informs her that Yug has stolen her car. Sophia says he was replied to Papa’s kindness like this and gets angry.

Johny tells Yug that now he will get time to spend with Sophia. He says your princess will hold your hand with her hand cuff, just then Inspector comes and hand cuffs Yug. Jaggu Dada asks what you have done? Inspector says you should have arrest him. Yug asks what did I do? Inspector says you have stolen Sophia’s car. Yug says Peter hired him as her driver. Inspector says he will beat him up until he accepts crime. He says Sophia lodged complaint against him. Jaggu Dada says he can’t do anything. Yug is taken to Police station. Jaggu Dada says he will see what he can do.

Radha thinks what to do to convince Dadi. She wears specs and tries saree on her. She thinks I forgot that we can’t look in mirror, and thinks I would have fainted looking in the mirror. Suraj hears her and asks why she is wearing Dadi’s specs. Radha asks him to tell how she is looking? Suraj says she is looking good. Radha gets angry.

Suraj asks what I have done? Radha says Dadi is very angry and asks him to do something. Suraj says I know. Radha says I know everything about her. She might have told you. Suraj shares plan with her. Radha gets happy.

Jaggu Dada takes Yug’s statement. Yug tells Peter hired him as driver and asks to get car serviced in the service center. Jaggu Dada asks if there is any eye witness. Yug says Peter was hiding because of his wife. Jaggu Dada says I can understand his pain. Sophia’s prince charming face is shown, and he is Ben. He thinks to ruin Sophia.

Peter informs Sophia that Yug is her driver. Yug smiles. Radha wears the sarees gifted by Dadi and models infront of her. Dadi smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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