Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 13th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 13th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Yug feeling happy when the ghost family ask him to stay at Palekar Mansion. Dadi says you are our loveable guest. Yug says I took a house on rent with your blessings. Ria asks him to stay back. Yug calls her naughty sis. Dadi asks him to stay for few more days. Yug says I will leave. Radha asks him to stop and celebrate Diwali with them. She says I loved you as a mum. Yug agrees to stay back and says I have celebrated Diwali alone till now. Yug says I have some work and have to go, but will come back in the evening. Ria and others ask him to take care. Radha tells her her motherly love stopped Yug. She says Yug stayed for a day and she will not stop him for many days. Dadi and Ria join hands with Radha and request to Suraj. Yug thinks he is not believing

himself, and says he has seen ghost family. He comes to Sophia’s house. Peter greets him. Veronica says he came to get the money. He asks Nancy why they are standing in line. Nancy says Sophia give them bonus every year on Diwali day.

Sophia comes and gives bonus/gifts to all the employees. Peter asks Yug if he is shifting to new house and says they shall not talk about ghost. Sophia gives him gift and says they give to every employee. Peter asks him to take it. Yug is hesitant. Peter gives him money and goes to get his salary check. Yug gets sad thinking he has no value in Sophia’s eyes. Servant tells Yug that he also got a month’s salary. Sophia asks Yug to celebrate Diwali at her house. Veronica sees her talking to Yug and thinks she is compatible with poor people. Yug says I have to go home.

Suraj tells that they have to stop Yug for sure. Ishaan says Yug said that he is buying a boat and that means that he is leaving job. Yug comes home. Ria appears infront of him and asks why he is sad? Yug says they showed my value to me. He says Sophia gave me tip. She says Ishaan knows that you loves her. Yug says you were helping me being dead, but this alive people don’t understand my love. He says you see me with your inner eyes, but Sophia sees me through money and luxury. Suraj tells that Peter got money from cheating and looting people. He says we will help Yug get Sophia. He says if Sophia falls for Yug then Peter will come to our house. He says Yug’s mission is Sophia and our mission is Peter.

Ria tries to console Yug and says you are the only one who has seen us as we know that you are not after money and genuinely loves Sophia. All the ghosts appear infront of ghost. Suraj says we have an offer for you. Radha interrupts and says we shall celebrate Diwali. Yug asks them to change their attire and celebrate Diwali with him.

Yug celebrates Diwali with his new family. Radha makes sweets. They burn crackers happily and get emotional. Ria shows her powers. Yug is amazed. He says he brought less lamps. Suraj brings the lamps with magic. Yug asks if he can bring humans with magic. Yadav says we can’t bring one person. Suraj says we can bring things but not human.

Sophia tells Amy that she is going to meet her friend. Veronica hears her. Everyone sit for dnner. Ria says we are ghosts and can’t eat. Yug is about to eat food made by Radha.

Peter comes to know that Sophia went to Palekar Mansion. Sophia comes to Palekar Mansion and sees Yug having variety of food. Ghost family and Yug are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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