Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 13th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 13th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Veronica talking to Sophia and says she had behaved badly with her after Peter died, but now she want to change for good. She asks if she likes Yug? Sophia nods. Veronica says Peter might have got happy knowing this. Sophia looks on. Veronica asks Sophia if she knows everything about Yug? She reminds her that Peter had thrown Yug out of house, and also asked you to stay away from him. Sophia says there might be a misunderstanding. Veronica says Yug is earning well suddenly and have brought Palekar Mansion. Sophia is shocked and asks what? Veronica says she is happy that Sophia will live in Palekar Mansion after her marriage. Sophia smiles, but is unhappy as Yug hid the fact from her.

Yug writes the calculations. The goons plan to go inside the

house through the window. They throw a wine bottle after lighting fire to it. Yug hears the sound and comes out. He sees fire in the house and alerts Ishaan. He says he will bring water to set off the fire, but the door is locked. Radha tells Yug that burning smell is coming. Ishaan and Yug try to come out of room. Ishaan asks Yug to give his hand in his hand and tries to vanish, but couldn’t. He says his powers doesn’t work in fire. He asks Radha to open the door.

The goons inform Keith that they have set Palekar Mansion on fire and everything will assume it as an accident. They ask about money. Keith says he will not give money until he sees Palekar Mansion burnt into ashes. Ria informs Radha and Suraj that there is a fire in the basement. Dadi asks where is Ishaan? Ria says he was reading book there. Radha says Yug might be with him. Sophia thinks of Veronica’s words and thinks why did Yug hid the fact from her. Ishaan tells everyone that Yug is with him. Yug says they are trapped in fire.

Suraj asks Yug to call fire brigade. Ishaan asks Ria to bring his phone. Ria brings the phone and calls fire brigade, but her phone couldn’t be heard by human as they are ghost. They get worried. Ria says if anything happens to Yug then. Veronica tells Sophia that she is giving Peter’s stuff in charity and says you can keep anything as his memories. Sophia says it is a good idea and is happy. Veronica says she is going to the study to check files. She gets a pen drive and wonders what is in it.

Sophia reminiscences her childhood with Peter. She recalls Peter saying her I love you. Suraj try to break the door and says the door is locked because of fire. Radha brings water and puts on the fire. Yug feels suffocation and coughs. Radha says this fire is not setting off. Ishaan says nothing will happen to us, but Yug’s condition is deteriorating. Yug faints. Ishaan tells them that Yug has fainted and try to wake him up. Suraj feels helpless. Dadi prays to God to help them. Veronica sees the pendrive content, and is shocked to see the video in which Yug is trying to kill Peter (under the influence of Ishaan). She laughs and says I got a blasting thing. She says Sophia….I have something for you and smiles.

Ghost family calls Sophia and breaks the things to sign her that something wrong in the house. Sophia comes to Palekar Mansion and sees the fire. She calls for Yug.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. After watching today’s episode I can predict either one out of these two things may happen.
    1) Sophia will save Yug and she will get to know about ghost family, and then she will understand that Veronica and Keith are the villians and won’t do much after seeing the video
    2) Sophia will see the video , will misunderstand him, which may cause Ishan and other ghost family members to reveal themselves to Sophia
    I think either one will happen or something like that

  2. Shraddha Sharma

    What a horrified episode!!!????
    Plzzzzz ghosts save yug and sophia…
    And kya Veronica ki pen drive dekh kr Sophia Yug se nafart kregegi????????
    I hope aisa na ho….

  3. veronica that stupid got pendrive
    now sofia misunderstand yug

  4. shruti rohida

    Nice episode but hoping that sophia don’t misunderstands yug

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