Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 12th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 12th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Radha and Ria trying to hide the big suitcase from Dadi and divert her mind. Dadi insists to see inside the box. Radha says it is dark and you will feel pain to look inside. Just then Yug repairs the fuse and electricity comes. Dadi asks her to move and let her see inside. Radha and Ria start acting and tell her that they are feeling like fainting, and ask her to call doctor. Dadi makes them fall from the suitcase and opens the suitcase. She sees Ishaan’s toy and says it is Ishaan’s childhood toy. She says Ishaan used to sleep with it till he was 5 years old. Radha also reminisces his childhood. Sophia reads the letter sent by a stranger, and is happy. She reads his poetry and says my dream has been fulfilled. She says I got my prince charming finally.

Amy comes. Sophia says nothing. Amy says I didn’t ask and turns to go.

Sophia kisses the letter. Amy takes the letter while Sophia shouts. Dadi takes out the saree and says I had given you for your first anniversary. Radha says it was in laundry. Dadi takes out more sarees and says you never liked what I had gifted you. She says you were wasting my gifts, and gave me a big shock after 25 years of death. Sophia and Amy runs. Amy sees the bottle and says it is reply to your love letters. She asks if you will reply. Sophia says yes. Amy says if he was a serial killer, rapist or terrorist. Sophia says he is my prince charming. Sophia says first let me meet him once. She says her dream is fulfilling. Amy hugs her and says I am happy for you. She asks what is your plan. Sophia asks her to get out and says she needs time to think.

Yadav and Ishaan are walking in the balcony. Yadav tells Yug brought this tantrik here and your family let him stay as he brought TV. They see Yug with Jaggu Dada and Johny. Yug asks them to have food at his house. Johny refuses and says we will go now. Jaggu Dada laughs and says we brought tantrik here. He says ghosts are not here, and we can call ghosts again. Yug says this house is theirs and I should be thankful to them for letting me stay in their house. He says nobody gave me house, but they did. He says I am a worse than a dog. He asks them not to bring tantrik again. Johny says we will go on the beach. Yadav tells Ishaan that Yug is a nice man. Ishaan says Papa and Ria were right, let Yug stay here.

Dadi asks Radha, why you didn’t wear the sarees which I have gifted you. Radha says I wear two sarees even now. Dadi talks about the new age mum in law. Radha says they are like you. Dadi says I gave you gift all life and you have given shock to me after 25 years of age. Radha says I don’t want to hurt you. Dadi says your taste is bad. Radha says these are tasteless. Dadi asks her to leave them. Sophia writes email to the stranger and says we will meet soon. She sends message that she likes his stolen poetry and says you are funny. She says whoever can make me laugh, can win my heart too. She dances with Meena and says I am missing someone. Nancy falls down. Amy and Sophia are shocked.

Later in the night Ishaan comes inside and sees Ria hiding the suitcase. Ria says it is old suitcase. Ishaan says it must have our old memories. Ria changes the topic. Ishaan looks inside and finds keyboard. He asks her about it and asks why did you lied? He asks her to say the truth. Ria hesitantly nods. Sophia asks Meena to wake up. Peter comes and asks what happened to her. Amy says Sophia was dancing with her. Peter asks them to call ambulance. Sophia says she is going to beach for the throw ball competition. Amy says you don’t have a driver. Peter says you really need a driver. Sophia tinkles him and laughs. Radha apologizes to Dadi and do sits up. Ria tells you might have kept key board inside and then blaming me. Dadi refuses to forgive Radha. Radha asks who took the suitcase out. Ria says she will not leave the person who brought it out.

Peter hires Yug as Sophia’s driver. Yug gets happy and imagines driving her car.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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