Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 12th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 12th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with the ghost family seeing Yug making rangoli outside Palekar Mansion. Everyone get happy seeing Yug decorating house with lamps and rangoli. He writes thank you mere ghosts. He thinks today is the auspicious day to shift to his new house. He says you all might be here, and says he needs only family. He says nobody gave him shelter or helped him. He says you people gave me shelter, and I came to know what is home and family for the first time. He says you people have taken good care of me, and I am standing on my feet because of your care. He says I have taken a house because of your blessings. He says I will miss you and this house. He says thank you is a very small word and says he will remember even a smallest moment. He cries and says you all are my

family which I used to search my life. He says he has to leave now and says you people are in my heart, and I will never forget you. He apologizes if he did anything wrong or hurt them intentionally or unintentionally. Suraj tells Radha that Yug can’t go from here. Radha says let him go as he is going to start his new life. Ishaan says we are near Mukti and how can we let him go. Dadi says how to stop him. Ria picks Yug’s shirt. Yug says keep it if you like. He says I don’t get afraid of you all. He asks do you want me not to go from here. Suraj says no.

Sophia sits down sadly holding her mum’s saree. Peter comes and says your mum has worn this saree on Diwali day. He apologizes to her. Sophia says you have never shouted on me, but yesterday you have raised your hand on me. Peter says I did a mistake and says you are like my mum. They talk about Sophia’s mum. Peter says she would have scolded him for scolding Sophia. A flashback is shown, Sophia and her mum are seen. Sophia says mum will be always in her memories. He asks her not to go to Palekar Mansion. Sophia asks what you are hiding and asks him to share. Peter recalls in a flashback about a dead body of a woman. Peter wishes Sophia happy Diwali and hugs her.

Ishaan and others think how to stop Yug. Radha says Peter might have sent Yug here to know if we stay here or not. Dadi asks her not to talk rubbish. Ria says he is leaving. Radha asks Suraj to let him go. Yug is leaving. Ria says he is going for forever. Ishaan says he has to stay here for our mukti. Suraj says time has come for……… Yadav asks what. Yug turns and sees Suraj standing with bullet injuries……He asks who are you? He recalls seeing him before. He says I have seen you before and asks how did you come here? Dadi says Suraj came infront of him with the same clothes in which he was murdered. Ria says he might want to explain Yug. Ria and others appear in their real form. Yug is shocked and says I have seen you all somewhere. Yug looks at the wall photos and says you are Palekar Mansion’s family / ghosts. He says you are my loving dost and is happy.

Yug says I stayed with you all here, but didn’t know that you are a big family here. He says he heard their story since his childhood and says I can’t believe that I am talking to you. Ishaan says really and appears right infront of him. Dadi pops her eyes out. Yug says you was same as I thought, but your clothes. Dadi says this is our real attire. Yug asks what happened? Ishaan says we were murdered? Suraj says we will tell later. It is enough of shock now as it is an auspicious day. Yug says it is good that I met you all before leaving, else would have thought about you all. Suraj says we want you to stay here.

Suraj tells that they have to do something to force Peter to come to Palekar Mansion. Sophia gives Diwali bonus to Yug. Yug gets sad. Suraj and other shakes hand to unite Yug and Sophia and to punish Peter.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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