Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 11th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 11th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Yug looking at the house and thinks it is dirty. He thinks to clean the house and starts sweeping. He puts on the lights, and falls from the balcony while cleaning, when Ria’s brother holds him and makes him rest. Sophia looks for her matching shoes. Her sister asks her to take hers. Sophia thanks and asks Nancy to bring her shoes. Her sister tells that she was taunting her and didn’t mean that. Sophia takes her in her flattering words. Suraj scolds Ishaan for not fixing antenna. Ishaan says he has saved Yug else he would have died like us. Ria jokes. Suraj taunts him and asks when he learnt flying. Radha asks them to fix the balcony railing. Suraj and Ishaan are fixing the railing. Dadi calls fat to Radha. Radha asks Suraj to look at her and say

if she has become fat. Suraj nods no. Yug wakes up and wonders how did he come down. He recalls falling down and gets surprised seeing the railing intact. He says I didn’t get even a scratch even after falling down and thanks the God happily.

Radha comes to Suraj and asks if she is fat. Suraj struggles for words and says you looks for Sridevi. She asks him to tell his mum. Suraj asks her to tell where is Ishaan first and says he asked him to repair his car. Radha says you told him this 25 years ago. Suraj asks if Ria comes back from college. Radha gets angry and says we are dead. She says I should have married someone else. She says we can’t get out of this house. Ria comes from window. Suraj says you might get hurt. Ria says we are dead and can’t get hurt. She asks for Ishaan and says she needs to go him good news.

Jaggu Dada comes to the restaurant to have tea. Yug is working as a waiter there and informs Jaggu Dada that the restaurant is costly. Jaggu hears a girl talking to her boyfriend. Yug comes again and asks Jaggu Dada to go. He asks why you are staying in Palekar mansion and tells it is dangerous. He asks him to stay in police station and says it is the safest place. Yug gets thinking. Jaggu Dada leaves. Yug serves butter chicken to that girl. Her boyfriend gets angry on her for eating butter and goes angrily. The girl complains to the manager that she ordered Salad Chicken. She then tells she will eat butter chicken as her boyfriend left. Yug looks on.

Sophia comes to the same restaurant where Yug is working as a waiter. Her sister asks her to appreciate her. Yug sees Sophia and gets happy. Ge Ge Ge Sahiba song plays……..Sophia and her friend start fighting. He friend tells that she is the only one and lonely child and says you both are lucky. Sophia asks her to keep her sister. They argue and laugh. Yug laughs seeing her laughing, and keeps on putting drink in the water. The manager scolds him. The manager gives the lighter to Yug and asks him to light the juice from far. Yug serves the juice. Sophia asks AV not to move as her hairs catched fire. AV shouts.

Suraj looks at omelette and shouts. Radha tries to keep him calm.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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