Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 11th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 11th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dadi knowing about Keith sending goons to take him to his place. Radha says we shall be happy that we are together. Ria says it is Yug’s house now. Yug wishes that he gets a power to vanish. Suraj says that can happen only if you are dead. Yug says he has brought something for them. He gives saree to Dadi. Dadi gets happy seeing a new saree. Radha says I had also brought saree for you. Dadi says you have brought saree for me 25 years back and that too in sale. Ria asks what did you buy for me. Yug asks them to keep taunting each other to keep loving each other. Yug gives shirts to Suraj and Ishaan, and a saree to Radha. Radha says it is beautiful. Ria asks what did you buy for yourself. Yug says I have everything, what else do I need. Ishaan says she

is right? Keith tells Veronica, that you are doing right, getting enmity from a wrong person. He asks her to talk nicely with Sophia, love her and convince her to see the locker. Veronica asks what do you want to say? Keith says Sophia and Yug love each other. Veronica is surprised to know that. Keith says Yug seems to be straight, but he is not. He will not open his mouth easily and there is no way to open his mouth, and that is Sophia. Veronica says Sophia hates me very much and she will not tell me about Yug’s plan. Keith says yes, exactly and says you can make her say. Veronica smiles and shakes hand with him.

Ishaan comes to Yug while he is searching on net. HE asks if he is searching about fashion. Yug says no and says he is searching info about Keith Adams. He says there is nothing about Keith adams 20 years ago, but there is everything about him after he went to US. He calls Jaggu and asks him to enquire about Keith. Veronica cries seeing Peter’s photo. Amy comes to her and asks why she is crying? She says you have thrown Papa’s photo in the morning. Veronica says she is sad and is repenting for doing wrong with Sophia. She says she has realized that she loves him, and if anyone was important in his life was Sophia, and I hate that. I felt that Peter is not only mine and that’s the reason I hate her. I have realized that I have done wrong and need to apologize. She apologizes to Amy also and says sorry. Amy falls in her trap. Veronica looks on.

Nancy and Meena come to meet Sophia. Sophia is happy to see them. Nancy informs her that Veronica called them back on job and shows the new clothes and shoes to her. Nancy asks what do you want to wear and says she will iron the clothes. Sophia recalls about the time when Peter was alive, and wonders what is happening? She says I am surprised. Amy says you won’t believe what she said and is apologetic. Sophia couldn’t believe her. Veronica comes and says she is feeling very sorry. Veronica hugs Sophia and apologizes. She says I am really a bad mom. After she goes to room, Sophia says she couldn’t believe that Veronica is repenting. Veronica calls Keith and says she has done what he asked her. Keith laughs and says his idea worked. Veronica says she hates to talk nicely with Sophia. Keith asks her to have patience.

In the morning, Yug greets Suraj. Dadi asks him to do breakfast. Yug says he will have breakfast outside. Radha asks why you will do outside, and asks if they are dead. She says although we are dead, but I have cooked food for you. Suraj says we have to eat what is made in the house. They see Sophia coming and vanishes/hides. Yug asks how did you come here? Sophia says Veronica permitted her to go. Yug gets happy and shouts. Sophia looks at aloo ke parathe and asks who made it. Yug says he made it. Sophia says shall we go out. Yug says okay and says someone told me to buy new clothes. He signs at the family. Sophia asks what he is doing? She sees a magazine and asks who read this. She asks if he got a new GF. Yug says no and says he has only one GF in this world, and takes her in his embrace. Everyone is happy. Sophia smiles.

Precap: Sophia sees her car taken away by someone and is shocked. Keith tells Veronica not to joke and says he can do anything with Yug and with her also. Veronica looks on scared.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hasan ji I m very impressed wid u today first u updates the shows I follow quite swiftly always continue in this speed.
    I think it’s time for the ghost family to reveal themselves to Sophia, and I think that Veronica may turn positive 🙂

  2. Shraddha Sharma

    Nice episode….
    But Sophia and Amy is falling in verononica and keith trap…
    I hope yug dont fall in the trap, make everything f9 for sophia and ghost family….

  3. Shraddha Sharma

    Sorry not ghost family, but his(yug) family….

  4. wow its more interesting now

  5. @Fatarajo No veronica cant be ve..bcz she is equal partener of keith in his crimes.if keith got exposed and punished then automaticly she too will get punished thats why she cant be ve

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