Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 11th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 11th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suraj thinking he has to do something to make Radha smile, and thinks to do something for Yug. He cleans his car and says he thought to give it to him. Yug says you think so much about me. Suraj says that’s true, and now it is your turn to do something for me. Yug asks him to give order. Suraj says he has make a list and asks him to bring the car parts. Yug agrees. He asks him to teach him car repair work. Suraj agrees. Yug says do you want to tell about the murder of you all. He says when Peter came that day, he looked at you all as if he can see you. He says Peter is a very good man. Suraj is angry. Yug gets Peter’s call. He picks the call. Peter says you think that I am Palekar’s murderer, and you have tried to kill me with knife. He says I want

to meet you now itself. Yug says I have to leave and goes on his cycle.

Yug comes to meet Peter near the sea and touches his feet apologizing him. He says I don’t know whatever has happened yesterday night. Peter asks him to stop playing game with him. Yug says I didn’t do anything. Peter shows the messages sent from his phone. Yug reads the message and asks what does it mean? Peter says do you want to proof that you know everything and want to blackmail me. I have trusted you and helped you, and you did this with me. Yug says I didn’t send any message to you. Peter says read this number, it is registered on your name. Yug is shocked and recalls gifting a phone to Ishaan. Ishaan gets happy getting the phone. He tells Peter that it is sent from his phone, but he didn’t send. Peter asks what do you mean. Yug says I have to find out. Peter asks him to stay away from him else the circumstances will be bad.

Ishaan tries and disappears. He thinks he can vanish and his powers is coming back. Ria comes and says I can understand why you have done it. She asks how is the outside world and asks him to tell…..Ishaan tells her that everything is changed outside. Ria says I wish I could feel the outside world once. Ishaan says you want to feel the outside world. Ria says yes. Ishaan says so you will murder Peter. Ria is shocked and asks what you are saying? Ishaan says I was joking and says you will not do anything. Ria says you have done wrong with Yug. Ishaan says Yug is the sacred soul and we can’t let him do wrong work. Ria says Yug is a good soul and asks him to think what he is feeling right now. She says his heart is clean and that’s why he stopped his hands from killing Peter. He might be thinking it as a bad dream. Yug recalls misbehaving with Peter the previous night.

Sophia comes to Yug and asks what happened? She says Papa is not saying anything and you also not saying anything. Papa asked me not to speak to you. Yug asks her to accept his Papa’s words and go home. Sophia asks what have you done? Yug asks what I have done, what do you think Sophia says you are a humble man and can’t harm anyone. Yug says atleast you trust me. Yug asks why did your Papa get afraid of Palekar Mansion? Sophia says everyone gets scared of them. Yug asks if Peter knows about Palekar family. Yug says Peter has spent his life in Bustura and says he might know Palekars. Sophia says they are dead now. Yug thinks they were not dead, but were murdered. Sophia informs him that they are shifting to London. Yug says I will leave. He comes home and asks Ishaan if he is sending threatening messages to Peter. Ishaan is shocked.

Yug asks all the ghost family to tell what did Peter do with them, and says he is trapped and couldn’t come out of this mess. Ishaan loses his cool and tells that Peter is their murderer.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. OMG, finally Yug gets to know that Peter is his murderer. I think by the time Yug will have hatred towards Peter, Sophia will also fall in love with Yug. Feeling bad for Sophia. I really wanna know who will Sophia support when she gets to know about Peter’s truth, Peter or Yug?
    Dhruv Raj is doing a good job by acting as Yug. Love his acting.

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