Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 10th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 10th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Peter calling Sophia and wonders why she is not picking the call. He thinks he has to go now to Palekar Mansion and tries to pick the keys, but his hands start shaking. He asks Jesus why his daughter is being punished and takes the keys to save her daughter. Ishaan tells Yadav that they are all dead and have become ghosts. Yadav says I am afraid of ghosts. Dadi says we all are ghosts. Yadav says we have died because of you. He asks if I am dead since 25 years. Suraj asks until when he will taunt him. Dadi says they are ghosts. Dadi says we can’t touch each other. Yadav cries and asks what happened to him. He asks God why he was killed and asks him to let him go home. Peter comes in his car and stands outside Palekar Mansion. He gets down the car tensedly

and hears a lady laughing. He recalls Radha serving parathas to him, and kids hanging out with him. He opens the gate while his hands shake and he recalls the murder. He thinks I am entering this house after that night, and says I would have never entered this house if Sophia was not in danger.

Radha and Dadi talk to each other. Dadi likes the saree. Radha says she has brought saree from the Shani market and it was cheap. Dadi gets angry. Radha tells her that Suraj knew about it. Yadav comes there and promises not to mix water in their milk. Peter enters Palekar Mansion and looks inside the house scared. Suraj, Radha, Dadi and others look on. Suraj identifies him to be Peter. Peter calls Sophia and asks her to come out. Suraj and others identifies him. Suddenly the electricity fluctuates. Peter gets scared. Yadav says this man will save us. Peter calls Sophia’s name. Ishaan says he is Peter uncle. Ria calls him. Suraj asks them to come back. He says 25 years…………and says he was waiting for this moment since 25 years. He says I have never thought that this man will come to our house. He picks something to attack him, but Yadav stops him and says this man can help me. Suraj asks him to leave him. Yadav says I will not leave you, and says this man has come to take me out. Peter calls Sophia. Dadi tells Yadav what you are doing. Yadav asks Peter to take him along with him. Peter witnesses strange things happening and gets scared. Dadi stops Peter, but he manages to get out of the house. Suraj tries to stop him, but Yadav attacks him with electric rays. Peter finally manages to get outside the Palekar Mansion gate. Suraj tries to go outside, but gets electric current. Peter thinks thank god Sophia is not here. Suraj shouts and says he was waiting for this chance since 25 years, and couldn’t do anything. He tries to beat Yadav. Yadav says I have special powers and can leave. He gets electric current and is stopped at the gate.

Ishaan tells that he wanted to meet Peter uncle and asks why did you stop me. Radha asks them to meet their Peter uncle angrily. Dadi asks if you are in your senses. Radha, Ria and Ishaan vanishes. Sophia calls for help seeing car going. She asks if we will be trapped all night. Yug thinks he has to do something as his princess is tied. He gets an idea and takes out bottle from his leg. He asks her to close eyes and breaks the bottle. He injures his leg while trying to pick the glass piece. Sophia is impressed with his idea. Yug cuts the rope and frees his princess. Sophia gets happy.

Radha, Ishaan and Ria come outside. Dadi too comes. Ishaan asks Suraj what is happening? Ishaan says Peter uncle came to our house after many years. Ria says he would have helped us. Yadav says I will tell you. Ishaan asks him to tell. Yadav tells I am kidnapped. Guru Mata watches them in her globe and thinks two people have drank her kada. She asks Tantrik, if he followed her orders. Guru Maa sees everything in her globe and calls him stupid to ruin everything. Jaggu Dada and Johny feel happy for Yug. Yug says he is leaving Palekar Mansion, and says he has taken home for rent. He says he has managed to get the money and will book boat for them. Jaggu Dada hugs him happily. Yug says he is feeling sad as he is leaving Palekar Mansion. He says a very good family stays there and took care of me when I got ill. He says he loves them and want to thank them in person. He says they might be pained and says something might have happened to them. He says he will get them mukti and gets teary eyes.

Ishaan tells Radha that Suraj made Peter leave the house. Radha says Peter is our killer. Ria and Ishaan are shocked. Suraj says Yug is the one who can bring Peter back in this house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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