Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 10th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 10th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Yug telling the ghost family that he might be getting mad…Ria, Dadi and Radha get tensed hearing him. Ishaan panics and gets tensed. Yug holds his head and cries thinking if he is getting mad because of the head injury. Radha goes to him and says Yug….you are tired and haven’t slept since many days. She asks him to go and rest. Yug says yes and goes to his room. Ria cries. Radha looks at Ishaan and says what did you do? She says you had entered his body to kill Peter. What did you get? Tell us…She cries and asks him to see Yug’s condition. Ishaan says nothing has happened to him and says I have failed. He asks them to leave him alone.

Veronica asks Peter why you was shouting and asks why stupid Yug came to our house late at night. Peter

thinks what shall I tell you, and what you will understand. He thinks Yug came to kill me to take revenge for Palekar family. Veronica asks what? Peter says I am fine…..Veronica asks what happened and asks him to tell her. She asks him to tell the big secret which he is hiding from her. Peter says there is no secret. Veronica says why did you get upset with Yug. Peter says Yug came here drunk and was saying nonsense, that’s why I kicked him out. He gets a message that you will not be saved next time, and gets angry. Veronica asks nothing is happening and asks him to sit. Peter thinks who is sending me threatening message, and wonders who knew about Palekar Mansion murder.

FB is shown. Yug talks to Johny on phone and says I will talk to you after coming from here. Ishaan says I want to see your mobile and says it is good. He says this technology was not in our age. Yug says I will bring a phone for you, and asks you will talk with whom. Ishaan says I can’t talk, but can send message to you, and can download songs, magazines, book etc. Yug says internet is a magic. Ishaan says if you don’t want then I will not ask you to bring. Yug says I will bring your phone and says Suraj sir have done so much for me. He promises. Ishaan thinks Peter will not be saved next time. Ishaan tries to vanish, but couldn’t. Yadav comes. Ishaan asks him to take him to the magic book before anyone see him.

Ishaan comes to the book. Book asks why you are looking weak. Ishaan says he couldn’t kill Peter when he entered Yug’s body. Book takes his more powers, and tells you will get more weak now. He says you can’t make a good soul do any bad thing, and says you are very lucky to meet a good soul. Ishaan says why you didn’t tell me before. Book says you could enter human body once and it is done now. Ishaan thinks to kill peter anyhow. Ishaan hears Radha’s voice and wraps the book. Book says you didn’t ask me before. Yadav says we shall tell everything to your family. Ishaan says he don’t want his family to know it and go through the same pain. Dadi takes care of Yug and asks him not to worry. Radha tells Suraj that Ishaan has done this because of his support, and tells that Yug is all alone. Dadi says Radha is right today. Radha comes to Ishaan and asks what happened to you? Radha comes to Ishaan and asks him what did he give to book. Ishaan says nothing. Radha says I can’t see you in pain and cries seeing his condition. Ishaan says I remember our old days, when you used to care for me. Radha cries.

Peter recalls his encounter with ghost family and recalls Yug’s accusations. He gets a call and comes to know that the mysterious phone is on Yug’s name. He wonders there is a conspiracy going on against him, and thinks if the ghost family can talk to Yug, and told about him. Sophia comes and asks him to tell what happened yesterday night and tells even Yug is not telling him anything. Peter asks her to go to her room. Veronica looks on.

Peter calls Yug and asks him to meet him. Yug asks Ishaan if he is the one who is sending threatening messages to Peter. Ishaan says you don’t know anything about him. Yug says I want to know and asks him to tell.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. The ghost family is very cute except for Ishan. I wish some other actor acted as Ishan. This Ishan will never mend his ways he is sooo impatient, I hope Ishan will tell Yug the truth, as I want to see whom Yug will support love or the truth

  2. I just love this show.the bestest ever

    1. I also like this show a lot. There is a blend of everything – comedy, suspense, horror, tragedy , romance , mystery, family
      Wow what a show

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