My Ziddi Wife (Raglak-OS by Drashti)

Hello guys this is a short os on Raglak… Hope u guys will like it!!

Laksh was sleeping, but woke up hearing loud noices. He took his gun & went outside the room in ther direction from where the sounds were comming. There he saw his beautifull wife in the kitchen, which was in no angle looking as a kitchen. He burst in laughter and she passed him a fierry look.

Laksh(controling): Ragini what r u doing in the kitchec.. idar aayo

He pulled her out from the mess.

Raginii: laksh did u got ice cream for me or no?

Laksh(slammed his forhead): Oh shit could I forgot

Ragini(caught his t-shirt): Bhool gaye itni aasani se bola ki bhool gaye… how could u forget?? Ek taraf tum mujhe(pointing towards her swelled stomach) apne bache ke saath pregnant karchuke ho aur mera khayaal nahin rakhte..

Laksh: Promise I will get tomorrow now go and sleep..

Ragini: Nahin I want to eat ice-cream right now..

Laksh: Dekho Rag…

Ragini: I don’t want to listen anything. R u going or no? Otherwise I’ll go by myself.. u know if bhai find out that I went alone at night toh tumhari khair nahin & smirks

Laksh: theek hain meri maa go & get ready..

Ragini went into the room… Laksh phone ringed and he picked up without looking at the screen.

Laksh: Hello kaun hain…

Person: Are saale sahab didn’t u check  the caller id …

Laksh: sahil sir…

Nikhil : Sir sahil hi nahin hum bhi hain aur haan Laksh  iss waqt sirf Choclate Queen hi khula hoga. Tum ragini ko seedha wahan leke jao..

Laksh (shockingly) Sir how do you know…

Sahil: Are bhai experience hain… okay now we’ll hang up…

Laksh: Bye sir..

He hanged up and they drove towards the ice-cream palour. He ordered 2 chocolate flavor & they start eating. Laksh was busy looking at Ragini who was busy eating her ice-cream. She looked up at him and ask trough her eyes what the problem was. He nodded no. Some choclate was on her cheek and Laksh romantically removed it.

Laksh: Tum baito I’ll go and get ice-cream package..

There was a hot girl standing on the cash desk. She was trying to flirt with him, but he didn’t paid much attention.

Girl: Hi…

Laksh(light smile): Hi…

Girl: did u come here alone…?

Laksh: Nahin. My wife came with me. She is actually pregnant…

Girl(sad): Oh ok…

Ragini was watching them from a distance… She burned in anger. She walked towards Laksh grabbed the packet & headed towards their car.

Girl: is she your wife…?

Laksh: Yes…

Girl: Toh best of luck…

Laksh(fake smile): Thanks…

He went towards his car & saw her sitting in it with a cute angry expression. He sighed & sat on the driving seat & they drove home. Ragini after reaching home, opened the main door and sat on the sofa. Laksh came inside & sat beside her. He put his hand on her hand, but she jerked it. He smiled lightly… He turned her face, but she turned her face again by removing his hand. He again turned her face, but this time held her a little tight.

Laksh: Kya hua jaan…?

Ragini (angrily) don’t u know…?

Laksh innocently nodded no.

Ragini: Haan… haan Uss churail ke baare mein sochne ki fursat millegi tab mere taraf dekhoge na…?

Laksh(confused): Churail…? About whom r u talking…?

Ragini: the one who was at the cash desk in the ice cream parlor..

Laksh got why she was angry…

Laksh(smilling): Acha woh… Arre yaar we were just talking casually…?

Ragini(grabbing his t-shirt): Tumhe maalum hain na ki tum kitne handsome ho… Toh mujhe acha nahin lagta jab ladkiyan tumhare aaspaas bhatke.. samajh gaye… (showing her index finger)

Laksh nodded.

Ragini(hugging him): I love u…

Laksh: I love u too..(naughty)Waise she was very hot na..

Ragini punched him in his belly..

Laksh: Ouch… Kyun maara…

Ragini: Tumne…

She stopped and Laksh became worried.

Laksh: what happened ragini…

Ragini(happily): Haanth do…

Laksh(confused): Kya…?

Ragini: arre give me your hand na…

Laksh forward his hand and ragini placed it on her belly..

Laksh(excited): Yeh toh…

Ragini(happy with tears): Haan humara bacha is kicking…

Laksh slided his hand all over her belly..

Laksh: Main aur tumhare mama r waiting for u restlessly please come soon..
Ragini: aww!! And hugged him
Laksh: ragini it’s time to sleep & laksh lifted her in bridal style & brought her towards the bedroom and they slept…

I hope it wasn’t boring. Please leave your comments…)

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  13. it’s so awesome amazing excellent superb excellent mind blowing brilliant no words to describe and love and respect all raglak ff writer that they keep their favorite couple alive and plzzz guys write more and regular bcoz we missing raglak badly and see Swasan ff are very much in comparison to raglak And bit jeleousy in me bcoz I am crazy raglak or temish fan

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