Zid (kanchi) Second Last Episode Part 1

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Let’s start

In Malhotra Mantion

Kabir cries recalling sanchi. He looks at his and sanchi pics on his phone. He calls sanchi conffession. Their moments and everything regarding kanchi.

Bg plays

Charo taraf tanhayi hai
Charo taraf tanhayi hai
Ek udaasi chaayi hai

(Kabir remincing sanchi last words and his tears drops)

Soch ke uski baaton ko Aankein bar aayi hai.
Bechanini hai saason mein
Dard utha seene mein
Bichad ke apne dil bar se
Aaye maza na jeene mein
Kitna tadpati hai

Woh ladki baut yaad aati hain
Woh ladki baut yaad aati hain

Kabhi mujko hasaye
Kabhi Mujkho rualaye
Mujhe Kitna satati hain

Woh ladki baut yaad aati hain
Woh ladki baut yaad aati hain
Woh ladki baut yaad aati hain
Woh ladki baut yaad aati hain

Malhotra cums and huggs Kabir.

Malhotra -Kabir i can’t see u like this. Tell rehaan everything he will understand it

Kabir -no dad rehaan suffered alot. Now I can’t tell him

Malhotra – sanchi only loves u.

Kabir -now she’ll hate me.

Malhotra went.

Kabir goes to rehaan room and saw him sleeping. He kissed on his forehead. And saw rehaan nose bleeding. He cries seeing. He sat beside him and wipes his blood.

Kabir -I’m sorry rehaan that day. It’s all my fault.

Kabir was leaving when he saw some album. He smiles seeing their childhood pics.

He saw a pic where rehaan holds a toy truck.

Kabir went in fb

Malhotra bought two toy truck one for Kabir and rehaan. Kabir likes rehaan toy.

Kabir -papa I want chotu toy

Rehaan -bhaiya papa bought this for me

Kabir -chotu I want that one

Malhotra -ok Kabir I’ll buy other one tomm.Now go to ur room and play with chotu.

Rehaan -bhaiya cum let’s go and play

Kabir – ok let’s

Kabir and rehaan went to their rooms.

Rehaan -bhaiya

Kabir – chotu give me that toy

Rehaan -ok bhaiya

He gives to Kabir .Kabir plays with his and rehaan toy. Rehaan is looking at Kabir. Rehaan asked for one and Kabir refuses

Rehaan -bhaiya give me mine one I also want to play.

Kabir -no means no chotu. Go and sleep.

Rehaan -bhaiya I also want to play with my new toy.

Kabir – i said no so no means no. I’ll play with both.

Lights goes off. Rehaan slowly slowly pulls toy from Kabir hands. Kabir pushes rehaan. Rehaan hits with a corner of table.

Kabir -chotu chotu where r u.

Rehaan -bhaiya

Kabir -chotu chotu chotu where r u.

Just then lights cums and Kabir gets shocked to see rehaan pool of blood.

Kabir -chotu wake up

Rehaan is not saying something.

Kabir -wake up chotu. No no pliz wake up. I’m sorry I’m really sorry. Look bhaiya is holding ears pliz getup

Kabir cries

Kabir -mom dad pliz cum. Look at him.

Savitri and malhotra cums and gets shocked to see rehaan lying lifeless.

Kabir -dad save him. Ask him to get up. I was angry I killed him.

Malhotra and savitri quickly tool rehaan to hospital. His treatment is going on. After sometime doctor cums out with sad face.

Kabir -Dr uncle dr uncle how’s my chotu

Doc -Kabir he is ok .now go with nurse aunty.

Kabir -ok

Kabir went with nurse. Malhotra asks him wat happened doctor.

Dr – I’m sorry to say he slipped in coma.

Malhotra -wat when will he be ok

Doctor -Malhotra u r also doctor u knw. It’s doesn’t have chances.

Kabir -no nthing will happen to my chotu

Savitri -Kabir u went with nurse aunty then how cum u here

Kabir -mama i just came to take my shoes.

Savitri – now take ur shoes and go

Kabir -mama i killed my chotu.

Savitri -no beta u didn’t. One day ur chotu will be fine.

Kabir looks at rehaan crying.

End of flash back

Malhotra – Kabir always see rehaan and cries .I was scared if I’ll loose my other son.

Savitri -that’s y adesh took rehaan to his place. We always prayed for rehaan safety.

Malhotra -and after 5 yrs rehaan got concious. We were so much happy na. Even our Kabir was happy to see his chotu.

Savitri -but when kabir went inside his ward. Rehaan saw Kabir and his vision got blurred and he fainted again. Doctors was confused then they tested rehaan .and

Malhotra – doctors told that rehaan has blood clot.

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