Zid (kanchi )Episode 9

Hi guys. I hope u guys r fine. Thank you for ur lovely comments on previous part. Lots of huggs and kisses to u and luv u loads.

Let’s start

Many days passed kabir didn’t came to sdch not even gym. Sanchi waits for him. She calls him and he disconnects it. Sanchi went to malhotra.

Sanchi -may I come in sir

Malhotra -yes Sanchi cum

Sanchi – sir where is doctor Kabir

Malhotra was going to tell when he remembered Kabir words.

Sanchi -sir

Malhotra – Kabir went for conference.

Sanchi pov -he didn’t told me

Sanchi -sir can I have his another number. He is not picking my call

Malhotra -no sanchi i dnt have it.

Sanchi -thanks sir

Sanchi pov -I feel something is fishy

Sanchi calls prasha.they sit in canteen.

Sanchi -kabir is not picking my call. Even Malhotra didnt told me. I dnt know wats happening.

Pragya to Isha whispered -should I tell her

Isha -no

Sanchi -wat r u guys wishpering.

Prasha -nthing

Just then vicky cums and sits with them

Vicky -wats happening here

Sanchi -kabir

Vicky and prasha looks at each other. Vicky signalled pragya to tell.

Sanchi – wats going

Vicky – sanchi wat about kabir

Sanchi -kabir went to conference didn’t talked to me

Vicky -wat did u say

Sanchi -kabir went to conference

Vicky laughs

Sanchi -y r u laughing

Vicky -because kabir made u fool he didn’t went to conference but he is staying in a hostel with a girl.

Sanchi gets angry -Wat the hell. U r lying

Vicky – I’m not lying if you dnt believe me ask ur friends

Prasha -yes Sanchi Vicky bhaiya is saying truth we saw Kabir with that girl.

Sanchi -u guys r lying. U r jealous right. Kabir won’t betray me.

Vicky -so go and check by ur self. Kabir is staying in blue Heaven hotel. Room no : 1004

Sanchi – i still can’t believe. I will go there to prove u guys wrong.

Sanchi left. Trio looks at Malhotra. And Malhotra calls someone.

In Blue Heaven Hotel

Sanchi asks receptionist about room no 1004

Receptionist -yes mam Mr &Mrs Kabir Malhotra r staying here.

Sanchi couldn’t believe she saw it was written Mr and mrs. She goes to Kabirs room. She was about to knock when she saw door was little open. She looks inside and gets shocked to see kabir with a girl. They are drinking.

Kabir -enough baby I’m tired of drinking

Girl – baby u dnt love me

Kabir – diya baby I love you alot

Diya – so wat was u doing with that behenji

Kabir – she was just a time pass baby. U know how much I love u. I hate that girl

He gets tapped on his shoulder. He turned back and saw sanchi standing teary eyed. Kabir gets tensed

Sanchi -kabir i loved u and u betrayed me.

Kabir -Oh u heard it. So y will I drag this. U love but I dnt. I hate u. I was just taking revenge

Sanchi -for wat

Kabir -for that insult in gym

Sanchi -look at in my eyes n say u dnt love me. Everything was planning

Kabir looks here and there

Diya -get out of here

Sanchi -u stay out of it .Tell kabir u dnt love me

Kabir -ok if that’s so

He looks at her eyes.

Kabir -Sanchi Mishra Kabir Hates u.

Sanchi – dnt u love me.

Kabir -no Sanchi is dnt love u. Remember u always told me I love you but I only said I knw. I never said I love you sanchi. U dnt have standard to stand with me. I was just taking revenge. I hate u. Look at uur such a behenji and me I’m the hero. Now get lost from my life. Get out.

Just then sanchi slapped him.

Sanchi – it was my mistake to love. I hate u. I came here to prove Vicky bhaiya wrong but I proved myself wrong. I’m not ur standard but u r not my standard. I hate u Kabir Malhotra. I HATE U. DO YOU GET IT. NEVER SAW UR FACE TO ME.

Kabir tears flows he qucikly wiped it.

Kabir -so y r u here go away

Sanchi leaves Kabir kneels down shattered. Vicky prasha and diya make him stand. They clap for him.

Vicky -Kabir u r a true lover.

Kabir -thanks Vicky and diya bhabhi.

Diya – kabir tell her truth

Kabir -no bhabhi I can’t .I have to stay away from her. I love her. I have to stay away from her

Vicky -y god y always good people surfer

Kabir -just call dad and tell him everything went to our plan.

Precap : Flash backs

Bye take care Lots of huggs and kisses to u and luv u loads.


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  2. Ashu really you are rock dost………….you are a superb writer………..iss episode ko comment kar ne ke liae mere pass kuch comment nahi hae jo vi comment karo iss ke samna ficke lagte hae…….each me yaar this the best episode in this ff yet it is sad for kanchi but your idea is mind blowing…….. outstanding episode

  3. Aafiya

    Awesome… Superb.. Waiting for the flash back… TakE care..

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    a bit confused……does rehaan hv to do something wd this behaviour of kabir……of course…….suspense queen, suspense ko itni aasaani se thodi na reveal karegi……..luv u dear……..

  5. Amazing…. Awesome

  6. Oh!! Ashu dear plz dn’t separte kanchi.. Eagrly waiting 4 flash backs… Lv u..

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