Zid (kanchi )Episode 8

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Episode starts

Kabir cums and saw sanchi slept. He wakes her up. They ordered their favourite food n deserts.

Kabir – i will eat this

Sanchi -i will eat this

Kabir -i will eat this

Sanchi snached everything. Kabir makes faces

Kabir -ok eat urself im going

He stood up and sanchi holds his hands.

Sanchi – ok u eat this I’m going

Kabir -ok bye

Sanchi – u ok let’s eat together.

Kabir -ok first I will decide what to eat

Sanchi -no I will decide

Kabir -baut ziddi ladki ho tum

Sanchi – and u ziddi than me

They ate their food and wait for drinks .

Kabir -sanchi u hate before how u started to love me

Sanchi – When I saw u first time in gym. I fell in love with u In first sight. And

Kabir -and

Sanchi – when I get to know u r my golu I love u more

Kabir -it means Vicky has told you this

Sanchi -yes

Kabir – Qayamat Qayamat

He saw sanchi missing. He gets tensed.
He was going when he saw sanchi on dance floor

Music plays and sanchi starts dancing.

Tujhe Apna banaya tha mulaqat ek bahana tha.

(Sanchi cums near Kabir )

Mujhe to dil churana tha ho mulaqat ek bahana tha.
Qayamat Qayamat Qayamat
Qayamat Qayamat Qayamat hoon main

(Kabir smiles at her .Sanchi cums and sit beside him )

Main na kai rataon se soyi hoon

(Kabir touches her )

Maine ise chu ke bhi dekha hai
Tera Yeh badan hai ki sheesha hai

(Sanchi again goes on dance floor )

Sanam jadhoo chalana tha ho mulaqat ek bahana tha

(Kabir goes on dance floor )

Mujhe to dil churana tha ho mulaqat ek bahana tha.
Qayamat Qayamat Qayamat
Qayamat Qayamat Qayamat hai tu

(Sanchi )

Qayamat Qayamat Qayamat
Qayamat Qayamat Qayamat hoon main

(Kabir holds sanchi and pulls her closer )

Tere gori baahon mein jeena hai
Mujhe teri aankon se preena hai

(Sanchi )

Yeh jo meri hoton ki lali hai
Tere liye mene sambali hai

(Kabir )

Tujhe pagal bana tha ho mulaqat ek bahana tha


Mujhe dil churana tha mulaqat ek bahana tha.


Qayamat Qayamat Qayamat
Qayamat Qayamat Qayamat hai tu

(Sanchi )

Qayamat Qayamat Qayamat
Qayamat Qayamat Qayamat hoon main

Kabir -Qayamat ke bachi ab chal

They went Kabir dropped sanchi to hostel.

Kabir -bye

Sanchi -i love u

Kabir -i knw bye u go

Sanchi went and Kabir went home. Both rembered each other and slept.

In the morning

A big car has arrived. A boy gets down. He smiles seeing Malhotra mantion. He knocks on the door maid opens it

Boy -Mom Dad look who is here

Savitri and malhotra cums and saw him. He smiled at them. He runs and hugged them.

Savitri – many years later I’m seeing you.

Boy -mom pliz dnt cry I hate tears

Malhotra -my boy how r u

Boy -I’m gud dad .Where is bhaiya

Savitri and Malhotra looks at eachother. Boy understood.

Boy -bhaiya doesn’t want to talk to me .He hates me

Savitri -no beta how can he hate u. He loves u but

Boy -I want to meet him and clear things

Malhotra -not now

Boy -Dad i love bhaiya alot I can’t see him ignoring me. I came here only for him

Malhotra – beta no

Boy entered Kabir rooms and saw him sleeping peacefully. His tears flows from his eyes and all moments flashes. He slowly goes near him.

Boy -bhaiya I love u pliz talk to me.

He runs to his room and cries. Savitri and malhotra consoles him.

Malhotra -beta u rest we will cum later.

They went. After sometime Kabir wakes up and went to freshen up. He cums downstairs.

Savitri -Kabir till when. He is shattered

Kabir – He came

Savitri – yes he is sleeping in his room.

Kabir -ok maa I’m cuming

Savitri -go and meet him

Kabir -maa I’m going to my room

Kabir went upstairs but he didn’t went to his room. He went to brothers room. Kabir saw him sleeping. He saw many gifts in his room and all other things r lying here and there. He slowly went near him and sat beside him. His tears flows

Kabir – I’m sorry chotu. I can’t face u. I dnt hate u infact I love you very much more than my life. I’m really sorry to hurt you. But chotu bhaiya doesn’t show anything it doesn’t mean he hates u. I just can’t face u that’s y I’m ignoring u that day wat happened i can’t forget anything. I destroyed everything. I love u.

Boy slowly opens his eyes.

Boy -really bhaiya u love me.

Kabir -no who said

Boy -bhaiya

Boy holds his hands and Kabir jerks.

Kabir -rehaan dnt u ever touch me

Rehaan – bhaiya y r u behaving like this. Can’t we make new start. Pliz forget everything. I love u bhaiya .

Rehaan huggs Kabir and he pushed him. Rehaan gets hurt.

Rehaan -ouch

Kabir -Rehaan

Tears flows from kabir eyes he wipes it quickly.

Kabir -stay away from me u understand

Rehaan – but bhaiya

Kabir -and we can’t do new start

Kabir went crying and rehaan sits crying.

Rehaan – y god y. That day every thing was finished. I hate my self. It’s all my fault.

Precap : sanchi angrily slaps Kabir


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  7. Riyarocks

    Ashu…..late comment ke liye sorry…..& haan…..take care of urself & post ur nxt update when u r completely fine…..abt the epi, it was osm as usual…….luv u sweety……bye……..tc……..

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